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Advisor Leadership Training Conference (ALTC)

ALTC is BBYO's international Advisor Leadership Training Conference where advisors come together for a weekend of chapter advisor training, networking and fun!


On January 10-12, 90 advisors from across North America came together in Baltimore, MD for the annual Advisor Leadership Training Conference (ALTC). Advisors participated in a meaningful Shabbat experience and learned about best practices on how to strengthen their chapters at home. The sessions throughout the weekend included topics on how to build our movement through recruitment and chapter programming as well as Jewish enrichment sessions about Shabbat, BBYO Stand UP and Israel. BBYO advisors had the opportunity to network and share chapter success stories. A few advisors shared their experiences with us:

"I learned that BBYO is not as much an organization as it is a movement, constantly transitioning and evolving to meet the needs of its stakeholders. This model works because teens have ownership over their experiences."
Rachel Taubman, advisor of Ahavah BBG in Michigan,

"ALTC was an awesome way to meet new people from around the country. The minute I showed up, I felt as if I was accepted into a whole new chapter of BBYO. In only three days, I made some great new friends, some of which I know I will be close with for a long time."
Drew Wolman, advisor of Rocky Mountain Chai BBYO, Rocky Mountain Region

"The weekend provided me with the knowledge and skills to educate and improve upon the workings of any chapter that I am associated with."
Sarah Linn, advisor of M.Z. Yoshana BBG, Mid America Region: Omaha

"As a new advisor, ALTC was a great opportunity to dive deeper into my adviser role. Although I had been a teen in the chapter I am advising, this was my first opportunity seeing the "behind the scenes" of all the work that goes into creating successful chapters. The conference provided me the opportunity to learn new strategies for working with my chapter, collaborate with advisors from all over the order, and meet some BBYO staff members who are undoubtedly passionate about BBYO. I am excited to bring new strategies to my chapter and to teach other advisers the techniques learned at ALTC."
Rose Albert, Nava BBG, Northern Region East: DC Council

"In 2011, I was lucky enough to be invited to the first ever ALTC. The experience was so positive, helping me build relationships with advisors all over the country and providing me with valuable resources that made me a better advisor immediately. When alumni were invited back to ALTC 2014, I jumped at the chance to do it all over again and share the experience with a new group of advisors and staff this time around. While my first ALTC provided me with the basic framework of the advisor role, this ALTC dove much deeper into the initiatives of BBYO on an international level and provided fascinating interactive programs educating us on everything from the elements of Shabbat to how to better work with our chapters' parents. I left Baltimore at the same time invigorated and exhausted, so excited to share these new tools with my region. I would encourage advisors of any age or experience to attend ALTC if given the chance."
Stacey Cohen, Kiviat BBG, Mountain Region

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