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BBYO Takes Action for Gilad Shalit and Alan Gross

Posted on 08/13/2010 @ 12:08 PM

The International Execs body passed two resolutions to support the immediate release of two imprisoned Jews in need: Gilad Schalit and Alan Gross. These resolutions will now now go to the other Youth Movement executive bodies for approval.

Schalit, the Israeli soldier who was kidnapped near the Gaza border, has been away from his home and family for more than 1,500 days. Gross, an alum of BBYO and a former DC Council AZA Advisor, has been held by Cuban authorities since December 3, 2009 while he was on assignment in Havana to provide communications equipment to the Cuban Jewish community to help with Internet access to connect with the global Jewish community. The BBYO community wishes to express its solidarity with the Gross family and the network of supporters who are working for Mr. Gross’ freedom.

Please click below for much more detailed information on the mentioned resolutions:

Gilad Schalit Resolution Alan Gross Resolution


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