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Motion Passed: Speak Up! for Israel: An International Advocacy Campaign

Posted on 08/13/2010 @ 03:08 AM

Below is the official motion supporting Israel and the global Jewish community that passed unanimously at August Execs 2010 this afternoon.

Maker: Southern Region: Dixie Council BBYO (South Carolina, Georgia – not including Atlanta)

Second: Mountain Region BBYO (Arizona, Utah, Nevada)

Motion: Whereas: BBYO is the world’s leading pluralistic, Jewish youth movement; and,

Whereas: At all levels of our movement, BBYO has a commitment to supporting Israel and the global Jewish community’s relationship with Israel; and

Whereas: BBYO observes a variety of simultaneous programming events such as AZA/BBG Shabbat, J-Serve, Founders Day, and other important days; and

Whereas: Currently, no week exists where BBYO teens focus solely on the state of Israel; and

Whereas: Most BBYO teens always have Israel in their hearts, and would support Israel by rallying, programming, and speaking up; and

Whereas: A Week of Israel Advocacy in BBYO would show how the International Order comes together to support the Jewish homeland; and

Whereas: This week would show that Jewish teens have a voice; and

Whereas: If we had an annual week of Israel Advocacy, there is a potential for 30,000+ Jewish teens to be participating in programs and events related to Israel at the same time.

Be it resolved that: AZA and BBG acknowledge that from this day forth, two weeks after AIPAC’s High School Summit shall be known as “Speak Up! Week of Israel Advocacy.” During this week, the International Order will come together for a week dedicated to Israel advocacy. As an International Movement, we will come together and show the world that Jewish teens support and stand with Israel.

Regions, Councils, Chapters, and members will be encouraged to “Speak Up!” for Israel, and hold programs and events that are based around Israel advocacy. They will be encouraged to write letters to congressmen, visit their local government offices, plan rallies, write petitions, create advocacy videos, build long term relationships with political representatives and be creative on ways to advocate on Israel’s behalf.

Resources and sample program ideas will be provided prior to this date for Regions, Councils, and Chapters to use. In addition to this day of Israel advocacy, Israel related programming will be stressed throughout the entire programming year, with the biggest programs occurring annually during the two weeks immediately following AIPAC’s High School Summit.


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