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"We have serious momentum..."

Posted on 08/11/2011 @ 11:00 PM

Teen Presidents Address Execs Body with Speech Focused on Maintaining our Momentum

BBYO International Teen Presidents, Oz Fishman and Samantha Levinson, addressed the BBYO Execs Body with an inspiring speech focused on the importance of "momentum" and using it to keep BBYO in "an upswing."

Above is a video of the first half of their address, and you can click here to watch the second half of their address.

It should be no surprise that throughout history teens have played an important role in making an impact on the world. Below are two powerful excerpts from their speeches:

Excerpt 1:

"To most people, it might appear as if the Jewish community's proverbial swing is lacking serious height.

We beg to differ. It's clearer than ever that AZA and BBG have some amazing energy lifting our community's future in magnificent ways.

You all know what we’re talking about. There’s some force that exists out there in the universe, both tangible and intangible, that’s in constant motion. It pushes and pulls at the very fabric of our existence and keeps the world turning. It pushes water over its boiling point, turns the flap of a wing into a windstorm, the splash of a pebble into a tsunami.

It’s the energy built up inside you when you hear a profound speaker at a program that inspires you to launch an initiative in your community.

It’s the energy built up inside you when you find yourself connected to countless brothers and sisters that share your values, dreams and hopes.

It’s the energy built up inside you after you execute that perfect program, deliver that poignant speech or see the results of your community service work.

It’s the energy built up when you meet other Jewish teens anywhere in the world and feel commonalities, a rapport and a responsibility for one another.

This force is what grew us from fourteen boys establishing a Jewish fraternity in the heartland of America all those years ago into the worldwide movement that touches and brings meaning into new lives each and every day.

And its this force that has been with us since that point in time that we’ve put into action over and over to build community, enhance community, and protect community.

As this wave of passion and commitment has spread ‘round the globe, our Order has grown stronger and faster in both direction and magnitude. It’s obvious. We have serious Momentum."

Excerpt 2:

"As the Jewish community grapples with a rapidly expanding plurality of opinions, practices and perspectives, our community is changing in ways that are new and unknown to our people. BBYO is a beacon of pluralism, welcoming and inclusive of all practices and views, thus establishing a strong mosaic of the Jewish community’s future.

These goals are high, but not unrealistic. The precedent is there. Teens rallied together for the annual Canadian National Convention.

Teens were interconnected, interdependent across dozens of countries.

Teens met with administration officials at the White House, and were exchanging letters with the President of the United States.

Teens contributed to Israel’s establishment.

Teens championed civil rights in communities where the cause was ahead of its time.

Teens led the charge for the freedom of Soviet Jews.

Teens mobilized communities to lobby against Iran’s quest for nuclear weapons. And teens did it all through AZA and BBG, by building Momentum behind each issue and leaping from one success to another.

There’s a secret to Momentum, though - you have to use it or it fades. So we must and we will embrace it in a real and big way.

By making moves, by building our Movement, we’ll gain Momentum."


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