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People Are Talking About August Execs

Posted on 08/15/2010 @ 10:08 AM

Want to see what people are saying about August Execs? Read the following testimonials below!

Joey Notowich, Cotton States Region, Memphis, TN

At International August Execs, the Execs are furthering our education about our Stand Up! opportunities and strategies. One idea that really stood out to me was the PANIM grants. We learned that the PANIM Institute of BBYO is rolling our grants to support teens that have dreams to start community service and social action projects in their communities with gifts ranging from $500 to $1,500. Additionally, any teen that completes 60 hours of community service from Rosh Hashannah through Passover during the next school year, is eligible to get 50% off an Impact summer program experience next year. The Execs Body wildly approved these new initiatives and it just goes to show that we as teens have even more resources to impact the world.

Becca Cohen – Keystone Mountain Region, Pittsburgh, PA

August Execs has been incredible so far. I’m really motivated to start our year. It has been an amazing experience meeting leaders from across the Order, and I know the relationships formed here are going to serve all of us well as a strong network for our terms . I have already started to gain new ideas for my region and community and I can’t wait to get started!

Josh Greenberg – Central Region East, Allentown, PA

The first night of the August International Executive Meeting was a great success. The new International Boards were formally installed, and the new Grand Aleph Godol and International N’siah, Jeremy and Arielle shared really motivating remarks about the year to come. After the Installation Ceremony, we had a chance to get to know one another with ice breakers and a reception. Right away, I knew these 3 days were going to be really exciting.

Elliot Snay – Kentucky Indiana Ohio Region, Colombus, OH

Being amidst a body of decision-makers in the International Order not only inspires, but helps share ideas among leaders for the coming year. Exchanging goals and strategies with one another helps Regions and Councils put together the positive and challenging elements of each area, so that we can become a more united, stronger BBYO.

Sarah Ensign – Kentucky Indiana Ohio Region, Louisville, KY

With the introduction of the 86th/66th Board’s new campaigns and initiatives, the Execs Body is eager to learn more about what this year has in store for us. Although this jam-packed weekend has just started, we are all ready to hit the ground running and use our leadership skills to make this year unlike any other. I am so happy to be around all of BBYO’s amazing leaders – we are having so much fun!

Matt Baron – Eastern Region: North Carolina, Charlotte, NC

International August Executives Conference has been an opportunity to network with fellow Jewish teens leaders throughout North America – and learn more about our peers around the world. I have been exposed to numerous initiatives and motions that were well thought out and prepared by the newly elected Grand and International Boards. These new ideas have both motivated and prepared me for the year ahead serving all Jewish teens across North Carolina Council.

Bette Amir-Brownstein – Evergreen Region, Portland, OR

Being here for less than 12 hours I already realized the way I need to work my Board and peers at home. The International Order presented the idea that to accomplish the priorities they set they need to all contribute to accomplishing it. My Board will be much more successful when all of us are working towards the same goals.


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