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My Brother Alephs and Sister B’nai B’rith Girls,

As it is every year, BBG Founders’ Day is April 22nd and AZA Founders’ Day (effectively, BBYO’s birthday) is May 3rd. At our International February Executives Meetings in Dallas, Texas, the International Order voted that our 90th and 70th Anniversaries would be a spring program priority. Celebration will be exactly how Sam and Anita would have wanted it: simultaneous, worldwide, in the chapters and through whatever is best for each individual community. Our goal is to see every chapter mark Founders’ Day in some way. To help this goal become a reality, we offer a list of program prompts that your chapter or community can utilize or incorporate into existing programs already on the calendar.

As you scroll down this page, you can download the AZA and BBG Founders' Day 2014 Resource Guide, learn about different movement moments associated with Founders' Day 2014 and follow Founders' Day on social media. This is a time for our Order to mobilize together to celebrate our history, our current successes and our future. If you would like additional consultation on programming, reach out to a member of the International Board or e-mail We wish you a joyous Founders’ Day 2014!

Fraternally and respectfully submitted, we remain,

Mika Stein, 89th Grand Aleph Godol
Jake Cook, 22nd Grand Aleph Moreh
Michaela Brown, 69th International N’siah
Kate Reinertson, 22nd International Aym HaChaverot

Show Our Pride Worldwide: AZA and BBG Letters Days

Show your AZA and BBG Spirit on Friday, May 2 by wearing your favorite AZA or BBG shirt as part of the first-ever AZA and BBG International Letters Day!

Be sure to tag #BBYOFoundersDay in all of your pictures of you and your friends in your BBYO swag! This is a great opportunity to engage peers that might not know much about AZA and BBG while displaying your Order pride across the community.

Add AZA and BBG Letters Day to
Your Calendar!

Who Welcomed You to AZA and BBG?

Alephs, who recruited you to the Aleph Zadik Aleph? BBGs, who welcomed you to the B’nai B’rith Girls? Founders’ Day is the perfect time to thank the person who welcomed you to AZA and BBG. Do you know who recruited the Aleph or BBG that welcomed you? If not, this Founders’ Day is when you will find out. Beginning today, post the following Facebook status and thank the person who recruited you to AZA and BBG. Remember to use #BBYOFoundersDay!

Alephs: Thank you @PERSON for welcoming me to the Aleph Zadik Aleph in YEAR. I’m proud to be a brother of a 90 year-old Jewish fraternity. Here’s to 90 more! @PERSON, celebrate our tradition and thank who welcomed you to AZA! #BBYOFoundersDay

BBGs: Thank you @PERSON for welcoming me to the B’nai B’rith Girls in YEAR. I’m proud to be a sister of a 70 year-old Jewish sorority. Here’s to 70 more! @PERSON, celebrate our tradition and thank who welcomed you to BBG! #BBYOFoundersDay

How is your chapter celebrating Founders' Day?

What is your chapter doing to celebrate AZA and BBG Founders' Day 2014? Our goal is for every chapter across the Order to commemorate this historic moment for AZA and BBG by having a program either on AZA or BBG Founders' Day or some time in between the two dates.

Not sure what to do during Founders' Day 2014? If so, check out the AZA BBG Founders' Day 2014 Resource Guide for helpful programming ideas. If you need any further assistance, please email Once your chapter has planned its program for Founders' Day, use the form on the right to submit your chapter's program information. Throughout the entire year-long celebration of BBYO's 90th Anniversary we will be featuring all chapters who held programming during AZA and BBG Founders' Day 2014.

If your chapter is planning on holding AIT/MIT inductions, below are links to the official AZA 90th Anniversary and BBG 70th Anniversary Induction Scripts.

Watch the BBYO Celebrates 90 Years Video

Celebrate Founders' Day 2014 on Social Media

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