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Hope, Enthusiasm and Unity

Posted on 08/18/2015 @ 10:00 AM

Tags: lauren, nsiah

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” - The Lorax.

As we concluded our business meeting at the 2015 International August Executives Conference on Sunday, our Shomeret Ha-brit, Maddie Fleischmann from Southern Region: Atlanta Council, shared this quote with the executive body. After spending a weekend with the Regional and Council Presidents of Our order, this quote couldn’t have been more fitting.


The N'siot for the 2015-2016 Term

The Executive Body for the 2015-2016 programming year is unique and dedicated. The entire convention was bursting with passion and excitement, unparalleled to anything I’ve felt before. They were eager and focused to learn new strategies and tools to benefit our regions, and to learn new information to enhance BBYO as a movement.

The global theme for our International Order this year is “It Starts with Us.” In order for BBYO to grow, strengthen and innovate, it relies on the members and leaders of our order to implement change. The Executive Body already began this change over the weekend, by planning out the year and voicing opinions on the state of our Order.


71 having tons of fun at our Installations!

On Thursday, August 13th, everyone joined the International Board at Capital Camps in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania. The day began with the Installations of the 71st and 91st International and Grand Boards, and icebreakers for everyone to get to meet one another. Parts of our conference were live streamed through Periscope, one part being Installations, where we had over 700 viewers join us virtually as we officially embarked on the year. Icebreakers were focused on the Executive Body's leadership ability as individuals, and the image they would like to uphold throughout their term.

Friday kicked off our first business meeting, where important pieces of legislation affecting the future of BBYO were discussed. You can view the legislation packet to read the various motions and resolutions! After the business meeting, we focused on the Movement Initiatives for the year and discussed how to incorporate these into the programming calendars of each chapter and region. In addition to the successful initiatives last year such as Global Shabbat and Beneath the Helmet, we have released four new initiatives! These can already be found online, and resources will be available shortly.


Colin and I had a fantastic weekend and can't wait to start our visits!

We concluded Friday and then began Saturday morning with Shabbat. On Saturday, the Executive Body simulated MRIHA, learned about the membership cycle and started to put everything together for their regional calendars. Saturday ended with separates, Havdalah, spirit and finally the IC 2016 launch party! We projected approximately how many members would attend IC 2016 in Baltimore, worked to re-register lapsed members and celebrated the start to our year!

Sunday finished our conference with a wrap up and reflection on the weekend. Manhattan Region, who made their first appearance at August Execs this year, was awarded the most spirited co-pair, with honorable mentions going to Southern Region: Atlanta Council, North Florida Region and MAR: Kansas City Council.

As I departed August Execs, I wasn’t saddened by the fact that the Executive Body was returning to their own regions and councils. Rather, I was inspired by their plans, and I am eager to see them executed, enabling each region and council in our Order to achieve success. There is immense skill, potential, and creativity in each and every one of these n’siot and godolim. There are exciting opportunities arising within the coming year, and there is no doubt that they will take advantage of them.

After I was installed, I was able to look out to the Executive Body in front of me. I saw hope, enthusiasm and unity. I couldn’t be prouder or more humbled to work with this group of 80 teens. The members of this Executive Body care tremendously about the future of BBYO, and they will ensure that BBYO’s greatest year starts with us, and starts with us now.

- Lauren

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