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Officer Responsibilities

All Officers on the 91st Grand and 71st International Boards will:

  • Commit their entire term, from June 2015 – June 2016, to help advance our Movement and continue to build AZA and BBG.
  • Develop relationships and work closely with chapter/council/regional/country counterparts and communicate with them on a regular basis.
  • Work to broaden accessibility from the chapter member without a title to the Grand and International Boards.
  • Be there to support and provide feedback for Alephs and Bʼnai Bʼrith Girls across the Order.
  • Oversee respective International Leadership Network chairs and committees.
  • Attend (via video conference) International Board meetings on a weekly basis.
  • Work constantly and consistently with International Staff to help build events and campaigns.
  • Work equally and cohesively with their AZA or BBG counterpart.
  • Attend and work diligently during August and February Executive Conferences, International Convention, Spring and Fall Board retreats.
  • Regularly meet requested deadlines for a variety of projects.
  • Identify and recruit teens for year round and summer immersive experiences.
  • Participate regularly in your chapter/council/regional/country BBYO program.
  • Uphold BBYO policy as stated in the BBYO Code of Conduct and International Board contracts.
  • Be a team player and work to help make AZA and BBG stronger regardless of your job description.
  • Lead by example and serve as a positive role model in person, across social media and at all times, both in and outside of BBYO environments.

The 91st Grand Aleph Godol and 71st International Nʼsiah will:

  • Serve as the teen voice and face of BBYO, whether at home or on the road, including through social media outlets, written releases and correspondence, conference calls and other modes of mass communication.
  • Spend the term traveling continuously, visiting chapters, councils, regions and countries across the Order.
  • Work closely with International Staff on a daily basis participating on conference calls and speaking up to voice opinions and ideas.
  • Serve on and work closely with the BBYO, Inc. Board of Directors.
  • Interact and share the BBYO story with a variety of existing and prospective stakeholder groups.
  • Coordinate AZA/BBG August and February Executives Conferences.
  • Manage and oversee the Grand and International Board work and efforts.
  • Lead and oversee the International Executive Body and find ways to bring them together to continue to help build the Movement beyond the August and February Executive Conferences.

The 91st Grand Aleph Sʼgan and 71st International Sʼganit will:

  • Spearhead program innovation, sophistication and excellence efforts throughout the Movement.
  • Review, modify and distribute awards packet at beginning of the term and work to promote International Awards all year long.
  • Serve as the lead teen coordinators for International Convention 2015 and ensure the program provided is top-notch and exhibits the highest possible program quality.
  • Create and monitor programming resource that the entire Order can look to for program guidance.
  • Oversee all programming thrusts and initiatives and ensure accessibility on chapter, council, regional and country levels including AZAA, BBGG, folds, principle and pledge participation, etc.
  • Work constantly with counterparts to ensure the program offered at the chapter, council, and regional level is a unique and quality experience that attracts new members and keeps members involved through graduation.

The 24th Grand Aleph Moreh and 24th International Aym Ha-Chaverot will:

  • Lead the growth effort of AZA & BBG membership, BBYO Connect and Engagement.
  • Work to ensure that each region has a year-round growth and recruitment plan.
  • Develop and distribute a chapter start up guide and support chapters, councils, regions, and countries in their chapter start up efforts.
  • Expand and create new ways to teach AZA and BBG history as well as develop teen leadership.
  • Work to strengthen AZA and BBGʼs ownership of BBYO Connect and create a stronger, more consistent program across the Order.
  • Spearhead transition from 8th grade BBYO Connect to AZA and BBG.
  • Work to promote and strengthen Chapter Leadership Training Conference (CLTC) 2015, along with coordinating one of the sessions.
  • Create the CLTC Coordinator Application and help select CLTC coordinators for Summer 2016.

The 91st Grand Aleph Mazkir and 71st International Mazkirah will:

  • Lead Globalization and International Service Fund efforts by working with the Global Networking Committee as well as any other respective chairs/committees.
  • Support Grand and International Sh’lichim in Movement wide philanthropy efforts as a part of BBYO’s Stand Up initiative.
  • Strengthen communication efforts on chapter, council, regional, and international levels.
  • Develop best practice social media guidelines and encourage Movement wide social media communication efforts
  • Promote innovative and successful fundraising tactics on chapter, council, regional and international levels.
  • Appoint and work closely with the International Public Relations Team, alongside a BBYO Marketing Professional.
  • Keep and distribute minutes at weekly board meetings, executive body meetings, and international body meetings.
  • Work to promote and strengthen ILTC 2016, along with coordinating the program if work ethic throughout the year warrants it.

The 27th Grand Aleph Shaliach and 26th International Shʼlicha will:

  • Continue to evolve, refine and manage BBYOʼs Stand UP initiative committing to the Jewish value of Tikkun Olam.
  • Continue to strengthen BBYOʼs commitment to Speak UP for Israel while fostering the next generation of pro-Israel advocates.
  • Work with the International S’ganim to improve Judaic programming on chapter, council, regional and international levels.
  • Create application and select coordinators for AZA/BBG Teen Issue Summits.
  • Leverage the resources of the BBYO Jewish Enrichment Team to help support AZA and BBG.
  • Lead AZA and BBG Shabbat efforts throughout our global movement.
  • Oversee J-Serve initiative and create resources to be used throughout the Order.
  • Create Summer of Impact Coordinator Applications and appoint coordinators while working to promote and strengthen the program.
  • Work to promote and strengthen Kallah 2016, along with coordinating the program if work ethic throughout the year warrants it.

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