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Elections at IC

Candidates Meetings

Prior to elections at IC, there will be a brief Candidates Meeting. It is mandatory that declared candidates be in attendance. Elections procedures will be reviewed and any last minute questions will be answered.

Declaration Board

A Candidates Declaration Board will be hung at several locations throughout the IC venue. All declared candidates must sign the Declaration Board by midnight on Thursday night at IC.

Candidates Question Box

Beginning Thursday night, there will be a box located next to the Declaration Board to accept questions for a moderated Meet the Candidates session for all candidates. Any Aleph or BBG (including candidates) can submit questions until Saturday night. Sam and Amanda will screen and select five questions per position.

Vision Statements

Candidates’ Vision Statements will be posted on the wall as well and throughout the IC venue, and online.

Priority Papers

For Godol and Nʼsiah Candidates, your strategic priority papers will be posted on the wall as well as throughout the IC venue and online.

Election Day Procedure

Elections will be conducted during separate business meetings. Candidates will have five questions to answer in three minutes, and can distribute that time at their own discretion (note: a candidate is not required to answer any specific number of questions, but rather should try to get through as many as he/she can while answering wholly). Candidates will be read all five questions before starting, and will be given 30 seconds to think before the time starts. Afterwards they will be given three minutes to answer as many questions as they wish.

Following the question and answer period, candidates will be able to give their speech in the allotted time given based on the position you are aspiring.

Additional details on Election Day will be given once the candidate pool is confirmed Election Day.


Although you are free to wear whatever you choose, candidates are encouraged to wear business attire for elections.


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