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You may work pro-actively, ahead of the timeline outlined below. Please do not hesitate to contact Sam, Amanda, or a member of the AZA BBG Staff Team should you have any questions.

1) Review of Office Responsibilities

Click here to review the officer responsibilities for the AZA Grand Board and BBG International Board.

2) January 2nd - Candidate Declaration Form

To declare for Grand or International Board, you must complete the form of intended candidacy by clicking here. Please know that all information will be kept confidential.

3) January 9th - Forms, Signature

These forms and contracts are for review by your North American Field Director, your Council or Regional Director, your chapter advisor and your parent(s)/guardian(s). These approvals as well as a declaration to abide by the Grand and International Board of Code of Conduct are mandatory. If you live outside of North America, then your North American Field Director equivalent will be Ian. Through the links above, your North American Field Director and Council/Regional Director will approve an automated email once you and your parent(s)/guardian(s) complete the forms.

4) January 15th - Self-Evaluation Survey

This step should help you better assess as to whether this leadership opportunity is a good fit. This process should also help you further develop your vision for the position that you seek. Should this step prove to be a challenging one, please reflect on what that means for you as you move forward. If your call with Sam and/or Amanda is ahead of January 19th, you must have your self-evaluation answers 24 hours prior to your call. Click here to access the survey.

5) January 19th - Gaining Perspective Call

Before one runs for Office, it is important to really understand the role and life of an International Board member. The best way to understand that role is to gain perspective from the International Board member currently holding the office you desire. Please be prepared with any questions you may have. Click here for more information.

6) January 23rd - Interview Call with the Grand Aleph Godol or International N’siah

On this call, Sam or Amanda will review your self-evaluation survey with you and push you to think bigger, challenge your understanding of what AZA and BBG international leadership is about, and confirm that you are ready to move forward. Click here for more information.

7) February 1st - Family Call with AZA BBG Staff Team

This is a time for your parents to ask questions of the AZA BBG Staff Team who work directly with the International Board. They will clarify with you and your parents what the rest of the election process will be, what the role of a Grand/International Board Member looks like on a day-to-day basis, and make sure that BBYO and your family is able to support you in this role. Concerns about any individual candidate’s candidacy will also be discussed. Click here for more information.

8) February 2nd

Vision Statement

Having a clear vision is an integral part of anyone’s role as an international board member. It’s important that you have a firm grasp of the Movement’s needs, what you hope the Movement will look like in the future, and how to move between those two points should you have the chance to lead.

Your vision statement will be posted ahead of Convention for members worldwide to review and submit questions for Elections ahead of time.

For more information and to submit your Vision Statement, click here.


Your platform will be sent in to confirm that everything is factual and fits the standards set out in this packet. We are not responsible for any spelling errors, grammar mistakes – those are your edits to make!

Your platform will be posted ahead of Convention for members worldwide to review and submit questions for Elections ahead of time.

For more information and to submit your Platform, click here.

Qualifications Video

You’ll need to record a video of your qualifications for the voting body to watch at International Convention. Your qualifications video will be posted ahead of Convention for members worldwide to review and submit questions for Elections ahead of time. Click here for more information.

Priority Paper: For Godol and N’siah Candidates Only

Thinking strategically is critical for the role of a Godol and N’siah. Your attention to our priorities will advance the Movement next year. You’ll be asked to propose next steps for each of our priorities to share with the IC body. Click here for more information.

11) February 11th/12th - AZA BBG International Convention 2015

All candidates are expected to be on their best behavior throughout the entire convention. No politicking will be allowed. The process at International convention will be further explained later in the declaration process. Please review the Speech Guidelines and the Elections at IC Process.

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