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The continued success of AZA and BBG rely on the growth of our movement. All Alephs and BBGs should ensure that not only do they have a great AZA and BBG experience, but also that everyone in their local community has the chance to have an AZA and BBG experience. This is why growth is so essential for our Order.

All Alephs and BBGs can play an active role in the growth of the movement. Whether it is relaying to your school friends how great BBYO is, bringing a new friend to a chapter program, or helping friends sign up for a BBYO membership, your role in growing our movement does not go unnoticed.

BBYO is THE experience that ALL Jewish Teens should have beginning in middle school with BBYO Connect, through high school with AZA and BBG, and continued after high school through involvement in the BBYO Friends and Alumni Network.


When growing our movement, know your audience (potential members), program to your audience (following the standard of Program Excellence, and put your audience on stage during the entire recruitment process.

It is vital that during the recruitment and growth process that you also CELEBRATE SUCCESS! The momentum you instill in your chapter by recruiting a new member must be felt and shared by everyone regardless of the role they play! Momentum is contagious and others too will begin to or continue to grow our movement.

AZA & BBG Recruitment Strategy

Utilizing the following recruitment strategies, you are sure to be successful when recruiting new members to AZA and BBG. Click here for recruitment strategy hints .

Position Your Chapter (or Council, Region) as THE Experience for Jewish Teens

  • During recruitment seasons (early fall, early spring, 8th grade in-take, rush weeks, etc.), have a program schedule that rolls-out intensively over a short time-frame offering numerous opportunities of all kinds that appeal to different segments of teens, appeals to different interests, and makes your Chapter (or Council, Region) look organized, edgy and well-run.
  • Create a big image for your Chapter, Council, or Region.
  • Have existing membership wear recruitment t-shirts to school.
  • Utilize influential alumni in community organizations, synagogues, press.
  • Provide fun give-a-ways, free/affordable first-time experiences, attentive follow-up systems by upperclassmen.
  • Launch a bold social action or community service initiative to gain visibility.
  • Be what the community is talking about (positively!).
  • Year-round recruitment works! Teens are busy at the popular recruitment times … you’ll appeal to more of your peers at less competitive points of the year.

Know Your Audience, Program to Your Audience, Put your Audience on Stage

  • When recruiting a member or extending an event invitation, listen first; find out their interests, hear what they’re looking for and find the relevant offering and use that as the ‘sound bite’ you lead with in promotion.
  • Find parallel opportunities for them to enjoy BBYO; if a program relative to their interest doesn’t already exist, recruit them to help create it – they’ll be bought in before joining.
  • Remember that every new member will have friends with similar interests that may not be on your radar; hook them, have them hook their friends.

Don’t Recruit for BBYO Through a Regional Goal; Embrace the Chapter Framework

  • Set benchmarks for Chapter memberships.
  • Show how united Chapter achievements of goals build the overall Council/Region.
  • Take the Regional goal and splice across the Chapters; on-going, year-round, Chapter-focused recruitment will lead to sustained membership success.

Make the Numbers Digestible, Attainable and Real to Your Alephs and BBGs

  • Seeking 12 new recruits in one term may seem daunting, but building a program calendar over 6 months with the plan of inviting prospective teens to each Chapter program is simple.
  • Plan in increments!
  • Have the ability to grow quickly and effectively, but need a strategy? Delegate ownership and responsibility to leadership/motivated teens.
  • Break the Chapter goals down by specific grades, schools, camps, etc.

The actual strategy of building a strong recruitment process isn’t simple. It involves the buy-in of the Chapters, the region leadership, advisors, staff and the community. Strategies vary across Chapters, regions and even members. Each constituency “sells” the program differently.

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