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The Official #AZABBGIC2017 Spirit Guide

Our Brother Alephs and Sister B’nai B’rith Girls,

Over President’s Day Weekend, more than 4,500 of the Jewish community’s top teen leaders, educators, professionals, and philanthropists from around the world will come together in Dallas for BBYO International Convention 2017. We will hear from and meet inspiring speakers, deepen leadership skills, immerse ourselves in and serve the local community, celebrate Shabbat, have access to exclusive music performances, and do our part to ensure a stronger Jewish future.

As you reunite with old friends and create global bonds that will span way beyond your years in BBYO, spirit will serve as the crux of our International Convention. Traditions specific to your chapters, councils, and regions will shine. Remember, spirit is much more than just your clothing or your accessories - it’s also about how well you embody the Menorah Pledge Principles and Seven Cardinal Principles, the very foundation of our International Order.

We look forward to seeing the amazing work that each country, region, council, and chapter does for IC. Throughout the weekend, we will be watching your communities participate in some friendly competition in an effort to win the Max F. Baer Spirit Gavel and the Anita Perlman Spirit Cup! Will you take it home?

Through the next few pages, you’ll find the official themes for International Convention as well as some more ideas on ways to show your delegation’s spirit! These are just ideas and you are HIGHLY encouraged to go above and beyond what this guide suggests. All eyes will be on International Convention, and, because of that, we have a few guidelines to make sure that we portray ourselves as our best representatives:  

As an inclusive Jewish youth movement, we do not want to see any spirit that is potentially offensive to any race, religion, sexual orientation or gender.

Be mindful of what you are wearing throughout the convention. We do not want to see exposed undergarments, and we ask that, specifically for Shabbat, skirts and dresses be at fingertip length.

Be spirited, be excited, be yourself and be prepared to represent your communities and our movement - remember, spirit is much more than just what you're wearing.

We cannot wait to welcome you to AZA BBG IC 2017 in Dallas, Texas! Bring your best spirit, your best self, and get ready to have the best weekend of your life. Please don’t hesitate to be in touch if you have any questions about Spirit or about International Convention overall.

Grey Silverman and Jeannie Spiegel
92nd Grand Aleph S’gan & 72nd International S’ganit |



If you are arriving early for a Pre-IC summit, arrive in your favorite chapter gear! Whether you're going to Execs, GPS, JEI, Canadian Nationals Summit, or the Membership Growth Summit, you are one of our order’s best leaders. Celebrate where you come from by showing some chapter spirit.


Dress comfortably as you're traveling to International Convention in past AZA BBG IC clothing, or other AZA BBG swag. You'll want to rest up on your flights, on the train, or on your drive and conserve your energy for the weekend. Once you arrive at the hotel, it will be time to change into your Council, Region, or Country's spirit wear to show pride for your home community at Opening Ceremonies. 

Make sure you share your excitement on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. with #AZABBGIC2017!


Home is Wherever I'm With You
Wear your new BBYO International Convention 2017 shirt to represent BBYO as we advance our movement through more than 30 Leadership Labs throughout the Greater Dallas Area. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes - some of our tracks will be leaving the hotel. 

Sweet Mother, I'm Coming Home
Upon returning to the hotel, it will be time to change into your Shabbat best. Think back to your CLTC/Perlman or favorite camp shabbat as we welcome this moment as an IC community. 

Shabbat Attire should consist of
BBGs - appropriate skirt, dress or pants (fingertip length), no tube or crop tops
Alephs - button down or collared shirt with khakis or suit pants

Make sure your Shabbat attire is comfortable for the evening activities, including AZA & BBG Separates - you will not be returning to your rooms to change.


Speaking Up for Israel
How does your community commit to Israel? Show your delegation's pride and support for Israel by decking out in your best Israeli spirit gear. As Saturday is a day of learning, many important guests and speakers will be with us, so make sure to continue being an exemplary representative of BBYO!

Speaking Up at States
For evening programming, please dress nicely, as you did on Friday for Shabbat. Together, we'll be celebrating Havdallah, the State of the Order Address where we'll highlight all of the successes of the year, experience the Chapter Programming Showcase and for our 12th Graders, Senior Night.


On Sunday, come decked out in all of your favorite summer gear! Wear your past Summer Programs shirts (CLTC, ILTC, Kallah, ILSI, Stand UP, Passport, etc.). If you haven't been on a Summer Program, don't worry - borrow a shirt from a friend or wear summer-themed clothing. Then, please head to and register yourself so that you'll have a shirt for IC next year.

If you are going out into the community instead of staying in elections, be sure to dress appropriately according to the weather.


As we say goodbye to AZA BBG IC 2017, throw on your favorite AZA BBG swag. We've got an incredible few months ahead of us, so let's finish the year strong.

We can't wait to be together again at #AZABBGIC2018 in Orlando!
Nesiyah tovah, safe travels!


IC spirit doesn’t have to end on Monday - wear your IC shirt on Tuesday! Tweet a picture of yourself repping your IC shirt at school with #TakeithomeTuesday or #AZABBGIC2017 and we'll send you some @BBYOInsider love.


61% of low-income children do now have access to age-appropriate books at home. You can help a low-income student thrive through the gift of reading! In partnership with Bags of Books, founded by Alexa Grabelle of Chevrah BBG #2342 in South Jersey Region, BBYO is collecting new and used books for children. We are asking all teens coming to IC to bring at least 3 books with them to International Convention to be donated to students at KIPP charter schools in Dallas. At IC, teens will spend time reading with students and help to create a “pop up” store where students can take home an entire bag of books for free, helping to launch their personal library and promoting their love of reading. Commitment to this project will factor into which community has the most AZA and BBG spirit. **We are focusing on collecting early chapter books (2nd-3rd grade) and chapter books (6th-7th grade).

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