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Shalom and Welcome to the International N'siah Page!

Shalom Chaverim and welcome to the International N’siah page! I’m looking forward to update the Order on my visits, my various projects, and my goals throughout this year. My name is Lauren Keats and I hail from Aviv BBG #2545 in the Westchester Region. I spent this past summer traveling to Israel for ILSI 2015 to learn about Israel and continue to experience the culture. After ILSI 2015, I was in Pennsylvania for August Executives Conference 2015 to work with the Executive Body on the year ahead. I wrote a Keeping Pace post regarding our productive weekend, which you can find here. Make sure to keep checking back to the Keeping Pace blog, as Colin and I will be posting regularly! 

I plan on utilizing my International N’siah page differently than the Keeping Pace blog by posting travel updates, resources for your chapters, and any other exciting opportunities and events throughout the International Order! If you ever have any suggestions on this page such as something I should mention that happened in your chapter or region or a resource that you are looking for, please email me at

Over the past month, I have begun my first round of visits! I have attended Atlanta’s and CSR’s LTIs, GJHRR’s Kickoff meetings, and various events in NRE. My first month of visits was incredibly fun and informative, and I can’t wait to visit other regions and councils throughout the year! 

I’m working on various resources and programs that apply to my manifesto page, and I can’t wait to implement them in the upcoming visits. Make sure to check out the rest of the 91st and 71st Movement Updates and Manifesto Pages, as each will contain important and interesting information throughout the year! I'm looking forward to the upcoming year as we continue to steer our Movement towards success!

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