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A Welcome to the 2015-16 Programming Year - Cole Pergament, 91st Grand Aleph S'gan

Hey and welcome to my page! My name is Cole Pergament and I am currently serving as your head of programming for the 2015-16 year. This new update approach is geared toward bringing you more resources in a user-friendly manner. In order to achieve our goals, I ask that you check in to see what I’m up to and distribute the resources Ellie and I create to your chapters. To start, please check out my manifesto page to see my priorities regarding programming for this year. These goals signify what the bulk of my work will achieve. Feel free to contact me if you have an idea to share, or simply want to discuss my work.

Membership-driven Programming. We want every chapter to build off of the momentum of larger regional/council engagement events so prospects have a clear path to membership. This effort is majorly spurred by programming and can be best explained through the program funnel. What we have decided to push reflects a repetition of the funnel throughout the programming year. You can find this concept in the program calendar cycle which highlights everything you need to keep in mind. After you fill in Jewish holidays, blackout events, and regional programming, your chapters typically have only 6-8 weeks to insert great programming. In order to fill these slots with engaging programs, it is crucial that a large amount of preparation is followed.

Movement Initiatives. While all of these platforms for global change are terrific, I want to share an idea I had specifically for "Beneath the Helmet." We have the rights to this movie until December 2015. It is my recommendation that your regions show the full movie or even clips to highlight the role of IDF soldiers and the transition from schooling to the Israeli army. After the film, invite an IDF soldier and induct him/her into AZA/BBG! This can be a great bonding moment for your member base and can lead into a discussion regarding Israel advocacy and lobbying.

Program planning. It is crucial that all chapters are given proper time to submit a program to the regional/council S’gan for revisions, comments, and additions. Creating a program timeline can simply represents a two-week editing process and will greatly enhance the quality and execution of your once brainstormed idea.

Program Sharing. Ellie and I truly want to see your best programs and disseminate them to the entire order. If you see something remarkable that your brothers and sisters can succeed from, please share it with either or

BBYO Push Notifications. We have a new way of sharing all calendared international events right to your smart phones, so sign up!

There is tremendous potential for growth this year. My campaign was mainly about achieving excellence through simplicity and I hope these resources achieve that thus far. I’m also excited to see what you have to share with me!

Until next time, Cole

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