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The Road Ahead - A Welcome from Ellie Bodker, 71st International S'ganit!

Shalom and welcome to my page! I’m so excited to be able to update the Order on what I’m working on throughout the year. First off, my name is Ellie Bodker and I’m a member of Saadia BBG #40 in Mid-America Region: Kansas City Council. I had an amazing summer on Ambassadors to Bulgaria, ILSI, and most recently, August Execs! I’m going to utilize this page to share resources, feature programs, and post IC updates. For this to be successful, I need your help. First, please read over my priorities on mymanifesto page and contact me if anything interests you. I’d love your input or if you’d like to get behind any of the ideas. Next, if your Region, Council, or Chapter holds an outstanding program, please email the outline to and We’d love to see the amazing work you guys are doing and call attention to it here so the Order can see what excellent programming looks like.

Moving onto some programming guidance, Cole and I led a session at August Execs on driving programs to engage new members that we’re going to share with you here. As we enter a new programming year, it’s important that every Chapter, Council, and Region calendars with purpose.

The calendar template shows how you can use programming to maximize recruitment. When making your own calendar, mimic the template and begin by filling in the Jewish holidays, blackout dates, International events, and then add all Regional events and conventions in their respective layers. You’ll see that in a 16 week semester, that only leaves 6-8 slots for Chapters to program. It’s important to utilize the AZA BBG initiatives to ensure that each program is quality and meaningful. Do your best to take advantage of each week by optimizing each program. For example, the template shows that you can invite parents and alumni to your chapter Global Shabbat event to hit several components at once.

The funnel model shows how to be thoughtful when filling in the Regional and Chapter layers of your calendar. The sequence beings with large-scale events, followed by chapter programs that reflect the same excitement, and then member-only programs that close the deal. Regional kick-off events and Can-Tribute prescreenings are great examples of “Engagement Programs”, Movement Initiatives work well for the chapter programs, and finally, host a chapter sisterhood sleepover or convention that requires a BBG membership. Repeat this cycle throughout your calendar to lock in new members with the most engaging experiences. Sign up for BBYO push notifications to get all of the International events and Jewish holidays on your smart phone phone calendar.

In conclusion, there are lots of exciting things happening across the Order and I want to make sure you’re all apart of it. I’m looking forward to the best year AZA and BBG has ever seen!

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