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Making An Impact Through Instagram For My "BBYO Life"

By: Jilly Leibovitch, Proud BBG of BBYO Gold Coast Region

As each graduating class departs in GCR, typically, each chapter holds their own chapter life to have seniors speak about their BBYO experience and distribute all of their prized possessions. When I sat down with my 115+ items that I was planning to give out at my chapter life, I felt like there was a better way to give it all out with a different purpose and a greater meaning and impact.

After much thinking, I recognized the opportunity that existed to raise money with my clothing to create a CLTC Scholarship for the future leaders of Gold Coast Region. I first thought that I could do a silent auction at our regional brunch where I could describe the background of the clothing and have people bid on different packages of clothing; however, I decided to expand this idea and promote it to the entire Order.

Thus, through an Instagram account titled "lifeauction_illbethereforyou", I posted all of the items and made the auction public to everyone and not just GCR! My goal was to raise $500, giving kids $50 towards CLTC from me. Immediately I began promotion through my region and through the Instagram account by posting pictures that were themed from the show "Friends", which described information on how the auction was going to work and what to expect during the auction.

By Sunday, May 3rd at 11 AM, a good portion of my BBYO clothing was posted. Instantly, Alephs and BBGs were placing bids via comments on the Instagram posts. I decided later that day that I was going to post the remainder of my clothing since the auction was going so well. The auction ended 12 hours letter and I was shocked when I calculated that over $1,500 was raised from Alephs and BBGs from all over the country. I am still shocked by the enthusiasm from the Order about thus idea. I am so glad that I was able to tell stories through my clothing, but also, raise money for the future generation of leaders in Gold Coast Region!

What ideas do you have to make an impact on the future leaders of your region? Let us know by tweeting your ideas using #BBYOTeenImpact.

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Check out some of the items Jilly auctioned as part of her effort!

THE FAMOUS UNITED AS ONE CREW CREWNECK DESIGNED BY YOURS TRULY- Size medium- starting bid $35 #whowantsit?????

A photo posted by @lifeauction_illbethereforyou on

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