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GMR AZA Exceeds Membership Goal!

By: AJ Teplinsky, Regional Moreh, BBYO Great Midwest Region

The Alephs of the Great Midwest Region are proud to announce that we have surpassed our end-of-year member recruitment goal. Throughout the entire year, AZA chapter recruitment has been pretty slow because we were not highlighting the great events we have and advertising them effectively to potential members. This changed when our region advertised a “Boys Night Out” event for any prospective Aleph to attend, and in one week in April, the Alephs of GMR grew by over 20 members.

In weeks building up to the event, Alephs were recruited to the event and prospective members were identified. Chapters brainstormed and came up with extensive lists of people that could potentially invite to the event. The other catch was that in order for an Aleph to attend the event, they had to list and bring a prospect to the event. This did not deter any teen from coming. This process worked really well and each chapter had potential members that attended our program.

The Boys Night Out event started when teens throughout the Chicagoland area congregated at local JCCs. At these JCCs, there were top-of-the-line limos with televisions and refreshments awaiting us inside. Each limo had a lot of prospects, and a couple teen members that could advertise their chapter to them. The limos then departed towards the city and dropped us off at a comedy club. At the club, we had our own section to first eat pizza in, and when we were done, we went into the show. The show was interactive, and BBYO had our own section front and center. After a hilarious show, we took our limos back to the JCCs. The main goal on the way back was to promote our chapters and invite the prospects to upcoming events. Our main strategy was to promote the next 3 programs that our chapters were having as a menu of offerings for the prospective Alephs. Very quickly we saw that chapters were getting new prospects to their events.

The Monday after the event, the teens received a regional email with the same 2-3 upcoming events for every chapter. This made sure that every prospect would stay informed and stay engaged in BBYO. Following these emails, the parents of the teens received phone calls from our regional staff informing them of a membership special that GMR was offering at the time. Simply asking the parents to sign their kid up worked incredibly. About a week after the event, the AZA and BBG Regional Board noticed that both AZA and BBG were 19 members away from our end of the year recruitment goal. Coincidentally, there were also 19 days until our Spring Convention. This started our campaign of 19, which was a race to see which board could reach their goal first. This campaign worked incredibly, and prospects from our Boys Night Out were still joining. The BBG’s of our region also put in a lot of work when they hosted an “Ask Day”. This event involved members meeting at a local restaurant and calling prospects that had attended their events to ask if they would join the Movement. GMR BBG gained many members that day and I am proud to announce that within one week, GMR had surpassed that 19 members needed and BBG is not too far away .

AZA and BBG’s MRIHA recruitment strategy provided our region with a clear strategy and plan for how to efficiently and effectively engage and recruit new members to our Order. We look forward to seeing how the rest of the Order adopts MRIHA to help them achieve and surpass their goals!

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