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Have you planned your Marathon Madness?

Marathon Madness is BBYO’s brand new Spring Initiative! It’s a dance marathon that’s designed to combine the best recruitment, BBYO Stand UP awareness/philanthropy, community engagement, and high-level programming techniques into one super fun, elaborate program. And the best part is, this is just the framework - the program itself is fully adaptable to fit the needs and culture of any council, region, or country that chooses to execute it. If executed to its fullest potential, this program will attract new members, re-engage old members, rally your community around a cause, raise a ton of money for that cause and set a high standard for regional programming.

  • IT IS A GREAT RECRUITMENT OPPORTUNITY. Think of this as an all night party or multi-faceted event; there will be something for EVERY kid, so how can they say no?
  • Its a chance to really take your programming up a notch; go hard with this, make it big, make it extravagant, make it fun.
  • You can potentially raise big bucks, whether that be through direct donations given by the attendees, a pledge system, a registration cost, or however you else you choose to do it. The additional fundraising opportunities associated with this program are endless.
  • You should make this a community wide event, which will open the floor up to a huge amount of prospective members and give BBYO a chance to provide for/give back to the communities we come from.
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