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Greetings, Globalization, and a Glimpse into the Year Ahead- An update from Meredith Galanti, 71st International Mazkirah

Welcome to the International Mazkirah page! My name is Meredith Galanti and I could not be more excited to be your go to person throughout this year on anything involving fundraising, communication, promotion, and globalization. I am from Southern Region: Atlanta Council and I am a proud member of Lehavah BBG #2527.

After spending my summer having an incredible time on Ambassadors to Bulgaria and ILSI, as well as going to August Execs, I am ready to finally share with all of you my goals for the year published on my manifesto page. I would love any feedback that you may have on them, constructive and positive, especially if you are interested in helping me work to carry some of them out throughout this year.

Throughout this year, I want to utilize this page to share anything M’GOSK or globalization related that you have been working on and executing in your regions and chapters. Email these programs and resources to me at or tweet about them to me at @BBGMazkirah. Please feel free to reach out to me throughout the year at these contacts with any questions you may have!

If you have not already heard, at August Execs the executive body passed an exciting new motion broadening the role that ISF will have in BBYO effective immediately. In the past, ISF was a scholarship fund available to only international teens, but it is now universally available to any Aleph and BBG, regardless of where they live. In addition, ISF will now serve as the philanthropic channel for all AZA and BBG charity. What this means is that ISF’s annual total will also include the sum of all local BBYO Stand UP philanthropy. I am super excited to see the positive impact this will have throughout the Order this year!

Be on the lookout for some new globalization programs and initiatives rolling out within the next few weeks! That’s all for now, check back soon!

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