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NRE: DC BBG Holds BBG Founders' Week Celebration

By: Emily Kader, NRE: DC Council BBG

The B'nai B'rith Girls of Northern Region East: DC Council #54 devoted the week of April 20 through April 25 to celebrate BBG Founders' Day with the honor it deserves. Each day of this week had a different social media prompt and activity for every DC BBG to participate in.

On Monday, April 20, we welcomed the week with International BBG Letters Day, where we asked members to wear their BBG letters to school and chapter meetings, which were all themed as BBG's 71st Birthday Party, had chapter change wars for I$F and the DC Council BBG Board sold various items to also donate to I$F so we could help teens around the world have a chance to experience BBG. They also all answered the prompt "What do you love about BBG on an International Level?" through various social media outlets.

On Tuesday, April 21, we had "Who Are We, NRE Tuesday" where we asked members to answer the prompt "What has NRE BBG done for you?" and asked members to reach out to another BBG in NRE and thank her for the impact she has made on her BBG experience.

On, Wednesday, April 22, BBG Founders' Day, we had "Why BBG Wednesday." Girls are answering the prompt "Why are you in BBG?" and we asked everyone to talk to the girl who is the "why" behind why she is in BBG and thank her for all she has done. Then, they reached out to a younger member to tell them what BBG has given them to try and inspire the future generations.

On, Thursday, April 23, we had "Pin Day!" Girls wore their pins to school and shared pictures of them with their pin on, as well as answered "What does BBG give you?"

On Friday, April 24, we had "DC BBG Forever Friday." Girls posted about why they are proud that they will forever be a member of DC Council and pictures of their "forever friends" thanks to BBG. They also wrote a letter to themselves about why they love DC BBG to save until they give life senior year.

Finally, we finished the week off with BBG Founders' Day programs. All chapters had some programming for Founders' Day, be it a Saturday Night Program, the council-wide Havdallah our Sh'licha created, or something extra.

This week was meant to remind our sister B'nai B'rith Girls why they love BBG and to show other girls who are not in BBYO all of the many reasons they should be. It was to take time to thank our Founders for giving us all of these incredible experiences and appreciating them the way they should be.

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