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AZA and BBG #NeverForget on Yom Hashoah

By: Jonah Moore and Brittany Bruck, Grand Aleph Shaliach and International Sh'licha

Today year marks the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. As Jews, Alephs and BBGs need to continue to emphasize the importance of remembering the tragic events that swept through Europe from 1938 - 45. Eleven million people were killed as a result of the Holocaust and other Nazi atrocities. As the leaders of the Jewish future, we need to honor the memories of those who perished. This resource has been made to streamline a host of resources which you can use to create programs that commemorate those who suffered during the Holocaust. We suggest that you choose a selection of program ideas to run in your chapters or in your communities this Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day, on April 15th - 16th.


I am a teen with a strong Jewish heritage and rich culture. I know that our global Jewish community is full stories of triumphs and tribulations and, in our shared history, the Holocaust stands out as a poignant moment. I am proud of how our community has overcome the past and I know it is my responsibility to retell the stories and vow to Never Forget.


We have a rich past and with which to connect our present and future. We can build ridges and strengthen our community by hearing the stories of our people.

  • Click here to view a resource that will provide you and your chapter with ideas for your next program.
  • Yad Vashem, Israel's National Holocaust memorial and museum is teeming with ways for us to learn about and connect to our people. Click here to access a series of videos that relay personal stories of Holocaust survivors.
  • Click here to find a list of people who perished in the Holocaust. You can choose one person for your entire chapter or give each member a different person to honor this Yom HaShoah and for many more to follow.


We are Jewish teens who commit to use what we have learned in the past to make a difference in the future.

Program Suggestions

  • The Paper Clip Project collected 6 million paper clips to attempt to visualize the number and scale of 6 million in reality. Click here
  • You can show pictures and articles on genocide, like those is Rwanda, Darfur and Uganda, and discuss how we can learn from the Holocaust in order to make an impact now.
  • Plan a community service project that champions the interests of a person or people that you have chosen to honor.
  • Have a cooking class and potluck dinner centered on traditional foods that came from the countries which were struck by the Holocaust.
  • Invite a Holocaust survivor (or relative) to speak at your program. He or she can share his or her personal story.
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