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AZA and BBG membership recruitment is a never-ending objective of healthy chapters. BBYO communities that thrive are always looking for new members and provide a myriad of ways for teens to jump in at any time.

MRIHA - You've heard it before, but probably are not sure what it is or what it means.You’re a member of AZA and BBG because at some point, another member met you, captured your contact information by recording it down, invited you to a meeting or event – perhaps several times, hosted you at a program by making sure you felt valued, and if you didn’t take the initiative at first asked you to join. If you haven't figured it out yet, MRIHA is AZA and BBG's Relationship Driven Recruitment Model!

Whether or not you know it, you have been through the MRIHA process before. Now that you know it's called MRIHA, let's dive into it some more.

M - Meet Them

Every day we meet new (or know of) Jewish teens at kick-off programs, movement-wide initiatives, WOW events, through partners, online and in settings entirely separate from BBYO and the Jewish community. The number of Jewish teens already in most of our lives is astounding. What’s further amazing is how many of those teens – in our classes, on our teams, at our family holiday parties – are Jewish, not in BBYO, and have never been asked to join and have never said they didn’t want to join. They simply haven’t been asked.

R - Record Them

Every time we meet a Jewish teen, we need to add him or her to our prospect list. This list can be kept in many formats, but a shared online document where information can be accessed by those recruiting and is still protected, is ideal (i.e., Google Docs). It can also exist in hardcopy, and shared at every meeting while monitored by the chapter leadership. A copy should also be kept, and kept up to date, in the council or regional office or with the council or regional leadership so that they can support your efforts with accuracy. This allows us to make sure that we’re following up with them, inviting them to programs and making them feel warm to the idea of getting involved. Your chapter should be building your prospect lists at every chapter meeting, and checking in on all of the names listed regularly to make sure all of the data you have on each teen is correct. We want to know what their interests are, who knows them and keep track of what might make them most excited to take part in AZA or BBG.

I - Invite Them

As soon as you meet a teen or receive their contact information, you want to start inviting them to fun, social and chapter-based activities so they can have a taste of AZA and BBG. Non-business programs, events where they can build friendships, and experiences where they can learn about the leadership roles they can have in the future are all idea lplanned well in advance so that there’s a line-up of opportunities ready to go and excite any prospective member.

H - Host Them

It’s on the current members to make sure every prospective member has a great time. Make sure they have a ride; if you can – at their first few events until they meet people and settle in. It’s important to show how much we value every new prospective member. It’s key to each of them determining AZA and BBG is something with which they want to get more involved.

A - Ask Them

This is when it gets fun. Once they’re interested in what AZA and BBG has to offer, a member gets to give a prospective Jewish teen the greatest gift of all – membership. Leveraging AZA and BBG traditions – AIT/MIT programs, classes, big/little brother/sister pairings, bid cards, chapter inductions and new member conventions – are all surefire ways to amplify asking someone to join. But, more than anything, being direct and expressing to any teen that this is a community that will support them, embrace them and from which they can do great things is what is most compelling. Everyone wants to belong to something bigger than themselves. You can make that possible for every Jewish teen.

Keep dong the great work you are doing in recruiting new members to AZA and BBG! Now that you have a basic understanding of MRIHA, begin to think of ways you can apply this strategy of relationship-driven recruitment to your own chapter experience. It’s amazing how most of the challenges related to recruitment can be diminished or resolved with proper planning, attention to data and detail and putting forth your best effort in terms of inviting, hosting, asking and planning a rich line-up of AZA, BBG and BBYO experiences.

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