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AZA and BBG are teen-led organizations. Each chapter, council, region, and international program elects officers with different responsibilities in order to sustain the Order. Additionally, AZA and BBG teens take additional leadership responsibilities, such as serving as chairpeople in their chapter and councils/regions, serving as a member of the International Leadership Network, being a member of the International Convention Steering Committee, serving on a BBYO Task Force and/or coordinating a BBYO Summer Experience.

In addition to gaining leadership experience through AZA and BBG, BBYO is devoted to developing its teen leaders through various leadership programs and trainings that are available to all of the members of AZA and BBG.

Explore Teen Leadership in BBYO

Our Leadership Structure


AZA and BBG have leadership structures that can only be found in BBYO. Chapter officers serve six-month or full-year terms. On the council, region, and international levels, all officers serve for one year. Although the order of officers varies in different areas, there are similar major officers found in AZA and BBG chapters, councils, regions, and the International Boards. Click here to explore our leadership structure.

AZA & BBG International Boards


Every year over Presidents’ Day Weekend, BBYO holds its International Convention. At this convention, participants elect a new International Executive Board. The “I-Board” helps chart the organization’s vision for the coming year, and provides leadership and support to teen leaders in local communities throughout the BBYO system. They work to strengthen regions and chapters by enhancing the Judaic, social, educational, and community service programming throughout the system. Click here to learn more.

Chapter, Council, Regional & Country Leadership


AZA and BBG are led at the local level by dedicated country, region, council, and chapter leaders. The leadership structure of each chapter, council, region and country is reflective of the leadership model of our International Boards. Leaders are elected on various term cycles, but most follow a 6-month or 12-month term. Click here to discover who your local leaders are.

International Teen Leadership Network (ILN)


The International Teen Leadership Network (ILN) is composed of Alephs and B'nai B'rith Girls from across the Order who have dedicated themselves to the advancement of our movement and the Jewish people. ILN chairpeople are chosen on a yearly basis. Each ILN leader is tasked with certain duties related to our movement's five priorities. Interested in the ILN? Click here to learn more.

AZA & BBG Leadership Resources Library


The AZA & BBG Leadership Resources Library is designed to help you, your chapter, council, region, and the entire Order find and share resources to help further our movement. Search the library to find resources that may be of help to you. These resources and releases are from teen leaders from across the movement. New resources are being added daily, so check back often.

Discover Current International Leadership Opportunities


There are multiple ways to get involved at the international level of AZA and BBG. Opportunities vary from the running for International Board, applying to be part of the International Teen Leadership Network, applying to coordinate a BBYO Summer Experience, applying to serve as a member of a steering committee for an international program (like International Convention) and many more. Click here to discover current international leadership opportunities.

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