2015-2016 International Board Candidates

Posted on 02/06/2015 @ 09:00 AM

Candidates for the 91st Grand Board of the Aleph Zadik Aleph

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91st Grand Aleph Godol Candidates:

91st Grand Aleph Godol: Andrew Eckstein

91st Grand Aleph Godol: Alan Lang

91st Grand Aleph Godol: Colin Silverman

91st Grand Aleph Godol: Yosi Vogel

91st Grand Aleph Godol: Joseph Warren

91st Grand Aleph S'gan Candidates:

91st Grand Aleph S'gan: Seth Betman

91st Grand Aleph S'gan: Hunter Cohn

91st Grand Aleph S'gan: Cole Pergament

24th Grand Aleph Moreh Candidates:

24th Grand Aleph Moreh: Jake Davis

91st Grand Aleph Mazkir Candidates:

91st Grand Aleph Mazkir: Joseph Mabry

91st Grand Aleph Mazkir: Alex Myers

91st Grand Aleph Mazkir: Matthew Rabinowitz

91st Grand Aleph Mazkir: Sam Scribner

27th Grand Aleph Shaliach Candidates:

27th Grand Aleph Shaliach: Elliott Davis

27th Grand Aleph Shaliach: Josh Schreck

Candidates for the 71st International Board of the B'nai Brith Girls

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71st International N'siah Candidates:

71st International N'siah: Leah Kay

71st International N'siah: Lauren Keats

71st International N'siah: Amanda Sefton

71st International N'siah: Alyse Weinstein

71st International S'ganit Candidates:

71st International S'ganit: Ellie Bodker

71st International S'ganit: Emily Messana

71st International S'ganit: Rachel Nevett

71st International S'ganit: Melanie Ourhaan

24th International Aym HaChaverot Candidates:

24th International Aym HaChaverot: Lea Davis

24th International Aym HaChaverot: Leah Fishman

24th International Aym HaChaverot: Stephanie Hausman

71st International Mazkirah Candidates:

71st International Mazkirah: Amanda Iserson

71st International Mazkirah: Florencia Laber

27th International Sh’licha Candidates:

27th International Sh'licha: Morgan Johnson

27th International Sh'licha: Deena Notowich

27th International Sh'licha: Maya Shapira