A Look Into the Global Partners Summit

Posted on 02/13/2015 @ 09:27 AM


Alex Myers, Northern Region East: DC Council and GPS Delegate

The Global Partners Summit (GPS) was a pre-IC summit that invited Jewish teens from around the world to participate in exciting dialogue and collaboration.  GPS is a unique opportunity for teens to engage with international Jewish peers and discuss issues facing our global community. GPS was a meeting of international minds and will allow opportunity to maximize the AZA, BBG and BBYO experience and thereby, Jewish life, around the world. A member of the IC 2015 Press Corps caught up with a delegate from Northern Region East: DC Council to discuss his time at GPS.

IC Press Corps: What are the main takeaways for you at the GPS?
Alex Myers: We build a community together around the GNC and the kids from international delegations. We met one on one with kids from other countries that we would never usually get to meet because they live so far away which was an awesome experience. And we definitely got inspired.

PC: How can you further communications with the teens you met at the Summit to continue to global conversation?
AM: The biggest thing is getting involved and contacting them via skype or video chat. We have to continue the effort beyond IC. It's up to the teens to keep up the global conversation.

PC: How can you bring back the strategies you learned to your own region?
AM: I learned a lot of different communication skills as well as how BBYO is run in different countries that I can bring back to my own region. Looking at the fun side of programming; I learned a lot of ideas from different countries such as Uruguay, Argentina, and UK & Ireland that I can definitely bring back to a big council like DC.

PC: What was the most interesting lesson you learned from a teen from another country?
AM: The biggest lesson I learned is that no matter where you're from, you're connected through Judaism, you're all part of the same youth group, and you all believe in the same things to a certain extent. As I'm getting to know these people, I probably would have never met them if it weren't for BBYO. It's awesome to take this opportunity and this chance in BBYO because who knows where it will bring you, you might even meet you're best friend.

PC: How can we work together with teens from other countries to expand BBYO?
AM: I think that you need to find certain point people with courage to develop chapters in other countries to be Moreh and MIT mom to reach membership goals on the international scale. Also, we can pair them up with counterparts around the world to help regions. Regions like NSR can talk to chapters in countries like Turkey, and encourage them to recruit like they do. By pairing up and inspiring countries with these regions, it would definitely bring more members worldwide.

- Meredith Harris, GJHRR: Northern Council, IC 2015 Press Corps