Alephs and BBGs Show Off Their Skills at Chapter Programming Showcase

Posted on 02/15/2015 @ 04:03 AM

AZAs and BBGs alike experienced some of the Order's finest programs to date at IC'S Chapter Programming Showcase. The Showcase included more than 20 inspiring programs that covered multiple AZA and BBG folds. The programs were carefully curated from a large group of impressive submissions from across the country.

I attended the program "Experiment in Gratitude" and it was one of the best in which I have participated. Teens wrote letters about someone they admire who wasn't at IC, and later they called these special individuals to read them their letters. When I called my mom, she was in tears and many teens shared that their loved one reacted the same way. Later, participants watched the moving video, "The Science of Happiness" and were in awe of how truly rewarding it is to give rather than to receive. I definitely want to use this program in my own chapter or region because it was so motivational.

Exceptional chapter programming is crucial in BBYO because it is the glue that keeps this movement together. A great program is what makes Alephs and BBGs want to join with their friends, and it is these programs that make us love BBYO.

The Chapter Programming Showcase was the perfect presentation to show the importance of meaningful programming. It inspired all of the delegates to want to bring back these types of programs to their regions, and make similar memories during their years in BBYO.

-Meredith Harris, Greater Jersey Hudson River Region: Northern Council