From the Roots We Dress to Impress

Posted on 01/17/2013 @ 06:26 PM

We hope that you have had the chance to read through the IC Spirit Guide, and we hope that it made you even more excited about how quickly IC is approaching. We are only 28 days away, and we are eager for February 14th to approach. At International Convention, the spirit is high. While we want to see you decked out in spirit at all times besides Shabbat, it is important to dress respectfully as we have many important stakeholders, guests, and news reporters constantly with us at Convention. Please use the following pictures as examples of what is appropriate to wear for each day of IC.

Your Grand and International Boards have modeled our different opportunities to dress for spirit throughout the weekend.

Thursday Night | Delegation Spirit Wear to show pride for your community! Take a look at your Grand Aleph Mazkir, Nick Phillips rocking his awesome BBYO UK shirt and check out your International Mazkirah, Michaela Brown, wearing her NRE spirit shirt at IC 2010 in Los Angeles!


Friday Night | Dress in respectful Shabbat attire. This includes button downs, collared shirts, slacks, and/or Khakis, an appropriate length dress, skirt, nice shirt, and/or nice pants. Check out your Grand Aleph Godol, Logan Miller, sporting a crisp white button-down, striped tie, and classy dress pants. Check out your International N’siah in her beautiful blue Shabbat dress. Oh look, and she’s wearing a nice white sweater that covers her shoulders!


Saturday | Rock some Israel pride attire! Look at your Grand Aleph Shaliach, Benji Fages, in Israel, wearing a sweet blue and white Israel shirt. Look at your International Sh’licha, Andie Djamal, wearing an IDF sweatshirt, a cool blue and white headband, and shoutin’ out, “AM YISRAEL CHAI” on her hand-made Israel speakerphone!


Sunday | From the Roots We Build -- time to show some chapter spirit. Go all out with your chapter colors, mascot, and attire! See your Grand Aleph Moreh, Alex Finkelstein, wearing a Dreidel AZA “I <3 Dreidel” shirt and holding a Dreidel AZA sign in the background. See your International Aym HaChaverot, Emily Gorby, in her hot pink Chana Leah BBG shirt and sparkling headwear.


Monday | Wear your favorite convention shirt as you depart IC! Take a look at your Grand Aleph S’gan, Ryan Ladd, reppin’ Lonestar in a Regional Convention T-Shirt! Take a look at your International S’ganit, Hilit Jacobson sporting her Convention “Every Day is Fraterday When You’re in the South” Frat Tank, and wearing other attire to boost the spirit.


We can’t wait to see you decked out in spirit wear at IC! 28 days!

Much love, Ryan and Hilit