The Coalition of Jewish Teens

Posted on 02/12/2015 @ 06:26 PM


#CJTeens collaborating because we are #StrongerTogether. Each group has at least one delegate from all 5 movements!

The Coalition of Jewish Teens gathered here at BBYO IC 215 with members from five different Jewish youth movements: Young Judaea, NCSY, NFTY, USY, and BBYO. Each movement brings unique talents and ideas to the table that include a focus on Zionism and the unification behind the concept of Tikkun Olam. This is the first time the Coalition has met in 4 years and brought together an amazing group of inspired teen leaders.

On Thursday the delegates met to discuss the future for teens across North America and overseas. They focused on what topics the Coalition can emphasis to unite the thousands of involved teens. Some major unifying topics that were decided on were the support of Israel and Tikkun Olam. Jews from all places and backgrounds can relate and connect with these topics, and were a strong common denominator between all the movements.

The Summit was led by teen leaders and staff from all movements, including two BBYO Professional staff, Rachel Hillman and Andrew Paull. They challenged the members to think outside the box and broaden their minds to how other movements operate.

This collaboration with other movements shows all members how diverse Jewish teens are around the world. The Coalition teaches that no matter the size or ideologies of certain movements, we all come from the same roots and that to make the biggest impact, we have to work together.

The CJT is the largest collection of Jewish teen delegates from the different movements to gather as a group. Together, the Coalition is developing a new mission statement for providing and enriching the future for Jewish teens for many years to come.┬áThe Coalition for Jewish teens was a huge success, showing we truly are “Stronger Together.”

-Josh Lang, Northern Region East: DC Council, BBYO IC 2015 Press Corps