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Feb Execs Concludes

by Grant Hansell, Kentucky Indiana Ohio

Wow! The second day of BBYO’s February Executive Conference was action packed and filled with an amazing energy, dedication, and sense of purpose from each and every one of BBYO’s 150+ delegates.

The day began with a nice morning minyan with a surprise guest appearance from Moses himself (although some believed it was Jacob Sorrels) reminding the Execs body to take the lessons and experiences from Execs home and keep the energy going even after February has long gone. Teens were pushed to think of ways that they could keep this passion alive in their regional delegations.

After a lovely French Toast breakfast the teens moved directly into a session of action packed business. At business meetings, three pieces of amazing momentum building legislation were passed! It began with the ratification of the new AZA and BBG Constitutions! Then the teens unanimously passed a motion to renew the extremely successful priorities from last year’s executive conference. Finally, the execs passed a series of suggestions that standardize our movement around the world. These suggestions are an incredible tool for regions that have not yet developed traditions or rituals of their own to begin creating their own legacy. The amendments and thought provoking questions that came from the Execs body truly showed the passion and drive of the members of our order!

At lunch, the teens had the opportunity to split into groups by table and discuss the aspects of BBYO, AZA, and BBG that they are the most passionate about. Topics ranged from BBYO Connect, to Convention Excellence, to Programming with Globalization and many more. Splitting into these smaller groups gave the teens an opportunity to connect and discuss on a more personal basis and develop region specific plans. After lunch the teens had the opportunity to end their executive conference by participating in a riveting speech by AIPAC’s Director of Leadership Development Jonathan Kessler. He empowered the teens to act smart, act fast, and most importantly act now. He addressed some popular concerns with maintaining a connection to the land of Israel and inspired the teens to go home and commit to Israel.

Overall, February Executive Conference 2012 was a huge success! The rest of the IC body is arriving as this is typed and we cannot wait to document it all for you right here!


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