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Feb Execs Day 1 Recap

Feb Execs Day 1

Inspiration. Motivation. Empowerment.

by Jamie Weiss, North Texas Oklahoma Region

The AZA and BBG February Executive conference kicked off Wednesday evening with a global themed role call, the 13 countries representing the conference, sharing the colors of their countries flags. Ian kandel, the international director of AZA and BBG, inspired the audience of the BBYO exec body with his opening statements of change and innovation, leading and pursuing, identity and unity. Kandel reminded us that together as one, we are forever united as one crew, and we should quit waiting, and stand up today for what we believe in. With those closing words, February Execs web into full swing, when the 87th grand aleph godol, Oz Fishman, introduced a conference wide game of assassin (Props to fellow PR Team Member, Grant Hansell, for getting me out so early).

Then after a great dinner, the teens split into their hubs, discussing globalization and teen priorities. In every rotation, we learned about how we could innovate BBYO connect in our regions and go back to the grassroots to recruit members. We also learned about the new program standards that all regions could agree on, and we learned about the exciting new initiative to motivate all BBYO members to become programmers. Shortly after these rotations, the hubs were split yet again, the presidents and head delegates saying behind while the global ambassadors and other international chairs met. I was fortunate enough to fill in as NTO's head delegate this year (Miss you Lindsay Rawitscher) so alongside NTO's regional Aleph Godol, Mika Stein, the Western Hub Presidents all collaborated on strengths and weaknesses of our regions, motivating us to give back more to our regions than ever before

After an interesting Q and A with the editor in chief of the JTA, my favorite program of the night began: Separates. Sam Levinson, the 67th International N'siah, led the program with such passion and dignity, that I was reminded why I loves being a BBGl, the sisterhood. And if that wasn't enough, we gathered together with the boys and cheered together something that I was able to help write at ILTC 2011. Besides that personal connection to the cheer, I couldn't leave the first night of the AZA and BBG February Executive Conference feeling any more empowered. Now I can't wait to see what else is in store!

Watch part of the Opening Feb Execs Speech by the AZA/BBG and Teen Movement Director, Ian Kandel:

Watch Sam and Oz, International Teen Presidents, Present AZA and BBG Progress of the Year


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