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IC 2012 Review via Social Media!

In February 2012, BBYO’s International Convention (IC) brought together nearly 900 Jewish teens from 13 countries to celebrate and strengthen AZA, BBG and the Jewish people.

Our talented teen leadership and professionals made full use of the various communication channels at their disposal. Our central media hub, the IC Blog, received 38,000+ page views. There were over 3,000 tweets using the #AZABBGIC2012 hashtag and our live broadcast on Jewish Life TV and Jewish Rock Radio had the potential to reach an audience of millions. Our thanks goes out to all of you who made this possible.

In the spirit of social media, we offer this International Convention recap:

On Twitter…@BBGSganit: So this is what 900 teens look like... Whoa. #azabbgic2012

Sean Frazer and Michaela Brown were recognized at IC by the JTA for having won the 2012 AZA and BBG Oratory Contest. Sean wrote, “…three years since that first AZA basketball game – my perception of myself and the world around me has changed dramatically… Today, Judaism is a pillar of my life – a context through which I interact with the world, deeply embedded in my soul.” Click here to read their essays.

During a Day of Service and Advocacy, teens volunteered at 18 sites throughout Atlanta. One track included the first all teen-audience premiere and Q & A with the director of The Bully Project, a new feature-length documentary that follows "a year in the life" of America's bullying crisis. Click here to learn more about The Bully Project track.

@JewishRockRadio: ‏ So inspiring seeing all these teens embark on a #dayofservice at #azabbgic2012

@JamieRothstein: I pledge a commitment to community service and advocacy #ifnotnowwhen #azabbgic2012

On Shabbat, IC programming offered over 25 learning sessions and multiple teen-led services, so teens could customize their Shabbat experience. Click here to learn more about Shabbat at IC.

@LoganSMiller: Shabbat shalom from #azabbgic2012 pic.twitter.com/meEt9UeZ

@caramaniloff7: Just experienced the largest Havdallah service ever! #azabbgic2012

Guest speakers included Avraham Infeld, renowned Jewish scholar and President Emeritus of Hillel, the Foundation for Jewish Campus Life; Bernice King, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s daughter; Georgia Congressman John Lewis, and Ted Perlman, philanthropist and son of BBG founder Anita Perlman. Click here to watch Congressman John Lewis’ speech.

@GrandAlephGodol: "We're not only a people of memory, but also of PURPOSE. If you're Jewish, you make Tikkun Olam central to your life" #AZABBGIC2012

A spirited and inspired States Speech was given by Grand Aleph Godol, Oz Fishman, and International N’siah, Samantha Levinson, which outlined their goals for the remainder of their terms and illustrated their vision for how AZA and BBG teens will not only lift the Jewish community but change the world. Click here to watch the States Speech.

@Cindalin: Watching International States of BBYO online. This is amazing! #azabbgic2012 #togetherasone

@Alyssa_Mishhh: @GrandAlephGodol and @BBGNsiah you guys are an inspiration to so many! GREAT speech :) #azabbgic2012 #wishiwasthere

The convention body elected the ten teens who will serve on the 2012-2013 AZA & BBG International Boards and will lead the teen movement over the next programming year. Click here for election results.

@ModernJewishMom: inspired by tweeted excerpts of I Board candidates' speeches. Future of Judaism is in excellent hands #azabbgic2012

@SydneyGass: Watching the international board of the B'nai B'rith Girls being elected was an experience of a life time. #azabbgic2012

@BBYOInsider: The AZA brothers have completed elections for the 88th Grand board. Board members from the UK, Canada, the USA. #BBYOGlobal #azabbgic2012

BBYO’s Board of Directors, Friends and Alumni Network leaders and volunteer advisors joined the fun by participating in a series of workshops, honoring the Alumni of the Year and Advisor of the Year, and reconnecting at the FAN Southern Regions/Districts Alumni Reunion. Click here to read more on the blog.

After five days of convention, our teens left Atlanta empowered to lift up the Jewish community and change the world. The 2012 IC experience was not to be missed, so I encourage you to save the date now for the AZA BBG IC 2013 in Washington, DC on Presidents’ Day Weekend, February 14 – 18, 2013.

@sierralash: "well this weekend i went to a convention to ensure the future of the Jewish people, how bout you?" #azabbgic2012

@AndieDjamal: one of the best weekends of my life. thank you bbyo once again #azabbgic2012


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