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JTA Publishes BBYO Oratory Contest Winners


Congratulations to Sean Frazier of Eastern Region - Virginia Council and Michaela Brown of Northern Region East - Northern Virginia Council for winning the AZA and BBG Oratory contests! Sean and Michaela had their articles published online by the JTA, the most comprehensive Jewish news source in the world!

BBYO's annual Oratory contest provides the teen leaders of AZA and BBG, BBYO's global cadre of members, an opportunity to reflect on some of the most important issues facing the Jewish community today. This year's prompts include: 1) What makes Judaism unique and why is it important to me? and 2) Am I a Jewish American or American Jew? Jewish Canadian or Canadian Jew? Whenever you live, does your Judaism come before your nationality? The winning essays were voted on by AZA and BBG teen leaders from across the world and the winners were announced during IC!

Click here to read Michaela's winning essay: The Jewish Struggle

Click here to read Sean's winning essay: A Proud Jew


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