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Taking Home IC: Shuk!

by Alli Ginsburg

Like any vacation, one of the most exciting parts of any International Convention is the souvenirs – the various regional items you can buy at the Shuk (marketplace)! Each year, every region is given the opportunity to bring their own items to sell to the IC Body, and teens take turns selling or browsing the room. It’s one of the few times this weekend I’ve seen all 900 people focused on the same thing – getting the best stuff for as little as possible.

This year, non-clothing items were particularly trendy. I saw everything from iPhone cases to chapter-recorded CDs, bumper stickers, and necklaces. As always, hoodies and sweatpants ranged among the most expensive – and also most popular. Chapters and regions had merchandise up, as well as a few items from the overall international order. Everyone here loves Shuk – we like to show the world our passion for BBYO, and show off to our home regions what they missed out on at IC. There’s nothing better than walking into a chapter meeting in Missouri in some Big Apple Region sweatpants, and being overwhelmed by, “that’s so cool!” and “whoah, where can I get those?!”

Traditionally, most seniors don’t buy as many things, knowing their BBYO career will soon be at an end, but I’m pretty sure many of us folded, this year. I’m coming home with a tie-dye AZA shirt, ‘Now That’s What I Call Melech!’ CD, and folding chair. What can I say – BBYO-ers are great salespeople.


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