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State of the Order Address Live Recording

Samantha Levinson and Oz Fishman, BBYO's International Teen Presidents, did an amazing job delivering a speech about ensuring the Jewish future through BBYO. They emphasized the importance of BBYO in its work towards strengthening the Jewish people -- everyone who calls themselves an Aleph or BBG is doing important work for our community.

The State of the Order Address was preceded by speeches by their family members and BBYO staff. Be sure to watch the recording that was aired live on Jewish Life TV!

Most retweeted statements of the evening:

BBYOInsider: "We have entered the age of 'yes and' not 'that's not what we do here'" #azabbgic2012

BBYOInsider: BBYO makes being a Jewish teen cool #azabbgic2012

BBYOInsider: First time ever our @GrandAlephGodol and @BBGNsiah give their speech together #azabbgic2012

BBYOInsider: Our @GrandAlephGodol and @BBGNsiah tell the history of the Jewish People; we carry the stories of our ancestors as our own. #azabbgic2012

BBYOInsider: BBYO is #togetherasoneforever and #unitedasonecrew

BBYOInsider: Tonight the Jewish people turn to us #azabbgic2012

BBYOInsider: Being a leader in BBYO inherently makes you a leader of the Jewish people. #statesIC2012 #azabbgic2012 @bbgnsiah @grandalephgodol

Click below to see pictures from the evening:


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