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IC Fly In


Shalom BBYO,

We just returned from a jam-packed two days in Washington D.C, at the Gaylord National Resort and Conference Center. We met with the IC Staff Planning Team and walked the hotel, envisioning the almost 2,000 Jewish teens that will be roaming the halls in February.

We arrived in D.C. on Sunday afternoon and headed over to the hotel. As we walked through the doors, we saw the beautiful hotel lobby decked out in holiday spirit. The hotel staff was extremely courteous and welcoming and led us to our elegant hotel rooms with incredible views of the Atrium.

After we dropped our bags off, we explored the area outside of the hotel and grabbed lunch at Ashton Kutcher’s restaurant, Ketchup. The location surrounding the hotel and National Harbor has a rich culture with unique art exhibits and shops.

We returned to the hotel in the afternoon and walked up and down the floors, taking pictures to give you all an #ICSneakPeek. A defining feature of the hotel is a large glass wall that allows you to see the beautiful National Harbor right from the lobby! In addition, the hotel was illuminated by colorful lights in the fountain, on the walls, and hanging from the ceiling. In the Atrium, we found shops, restaurants and a park – the incredible part is that you feel like you are outside the entire time. In fact, there are real birds in some trees in the hotel! We know this sounds like a lot, but there’s more… there was no way to see all of the hotel in one day.

The next morning, we woke up bright and early for IC planning meetings. We started with a run-through of the convention schedule from the pre-IC prep week through departure. Due to the large size of convention, we are able to do so many more exciting things and we have a ton of surprises in store for you. You won’t know what hit you when you check into the hotel! After going through the schedule, we took a short tour of the hotel to gain a better perspective of our programming space. Then, for the rest of our time in D.C., we sat with Rachel Meytin and Anita Blustein Bormaster, the programming staff team, to go over the IC program. We also discussed ways to strengthen IC, to create a convention unlike anything you’ve ever seen!

AZA BBG IC 2013 is only 56 days away and there is much to look forward to. We cannot begin to describe the luxury of the hotel, or the spirited feeling you will get as you walk through the main doors. However you picture IC right now, think bigger, think better. International Convention this year will surpass your every expectation. It will catch you off guard with its thrilling and innovative programs and you will leave feeling inspired and more connected to our Global Movement than ever before. We could not be more eager for each of you to join us in February at the Gaylord National Resort and Conference Center for AZA BBG IC 2013. Continue to stay informed by reading this blog every week and stay connected on Twitter: @AZABBGIC2013, FB: AZA BBG IC 2013, and Instagram: #AZABBGIC2013.

-Ryan and Hilit