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2013 - 2014 International and Grand Board Candidates

Posted on 02/10/2013 @ 09:55 PM

Candidates for the 89th Grand Board of the Aleph Zadik Aleph

89th Grand Aleph Godol Candidates:

Grand Aleph Godol Candidate: Matthew Goldman

Grand Aleph Godol Candidate: Ethan Loftspring

Grand Aleph Godol Candidate: Sagee Moyal

Grand Aleph Godol Candidate: Brandon Myers

Grand Aleph Godol Candidate: Josh Roberts

Grand Aleph Godol Candidate: Gavri Schreiber

Grand Aleph Godol Candidate: Joseph Sitzmann

Grand Aleph Godol Candidate: Mika Stein

Grand Aleph S'gan Candidates:

Grand Aleph S'gan Candidate: Ryan Maxwell Dishell

Grand Aleph Moreh Candidates:

Grand Aleph Moreh Candidate: Jake Cook

Grand Aleph Moreh Candidate: Paul Felder

Grand Aleph Moreh Candidate: Kyle Nowak

Grand Aleph Mazkir Candidates:

Grand Aleph Mazkir Candidate: Cole Aaron Margol

Grand Aleph Mazkir Candidate: Daniel Jay Widawsky

Grand Aleph Shaliach Candidates:

Grand Aleph Shaliach Candidate: Jason Horowitz

Grand Aleph Shaliach Candidate: Gary Levine

Grand Aleph Shaliach Candidate: Ethan Phillip Steinberg

Candidates for the 69th International Board of the B'nai B'rith Girls

69th International N'siah Candidates:

International N'siah Candidate: Michaela Brown

International N'siah Candidate: Jenna Kress

International N'siah Candidate: Sierra Lash

International N'siah Candidate: Jaclyn Pavlofsky

International S'ganit Candidates:

International S'ganit Candidate: Maya Guthman

International Aym HaChaverot Candidates:

International Aym HaChaverot Candidate: Sari Misek

International Aym HaChaverot Candidate: Kate Reinertson

International Mazkirah Candidates:

International Mazkirah Candidate: Melissa Bosem

International Mazkirah Candidate: Sofie Jacobs

International Sh'licha Candidates:

International Sh'licha Candidate: Tracey Katz

International Sh'licha Candidate: Neta Milenkovic

International Sh'licha Candidate: Meira Snitman

International Sh'licha Candidate: Maddie Feinman


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