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Convention Prep Takes Over Gaylord Hotel

Posted on 02/13/2013 @ 04:00 PM

Just nine hours after this morning's sunrise, the hotel's ballrooms and hallways are already glowing with the excitement of IC. Stages have been erected, and name badges set out out. Banners have been hung, and projectors tested. Staff, teens and volunteers are working tirelessly to prepare for hundreds of Execs Delegates today, followed by 2,000 convention attendees tomorrow!


Now that the Execs Delegates have arrived, they'll begin their business meetings in the Wilson ballroom. Execs is a unique opportunity for all of the regional presidents to hold business meetings, introducing and debating motions about international business, while reuniting with friends from other states and countries.


Meanwhile, in "Kikar IC" outside of the Wilson ballroom, the IC Shuk is taking shape. This year's shuk is far more innovative than those from previous years – it's open all day long, allowing IC participants to purchase clothing, jewelry, athletic gear, sunglasses and more, all emblazoned with the BBYO logo!


Of course, the biggest construction effort at the hotel is the giant Maryland ballroom, the site of tomorrow night's opening plenary, where over 1,500 teens will gather to officially kick off AZA BBG IC 2013. The excitement level grows with each banner that we raise, and the stage is eagerly waiting for the convention's plentiful speakers. We hope you share our excitement, and we invite you to follow our Twitter feed and this blog for plenty of fun updates!


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