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AZA BBG February Execs Wrap Up

Posted on 02/16/2013 @ 07:00 PM

On Wednesday, February 13, nearly 300 of BBYO’s top leaders convened at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center, arriving in Washington, DC a day before the rest of their peers for the annual February Executives Conference.

February Execs hosted presidents from each council and region of BBYO, in addition to nearly 70 teens from outside of North America from 18 different countries and almost every member of the International Leadership Network (ILN). For the twenty-four hours preceding International Convention, the Executives body discussed numerous proposals, viewed presentations from each ILN committee, and voted on multiple motions.

“It was really cool to vote on different motions, including the recommendation to add two new positions to International Board,” said Sari Misek. Misek, a junior from Orlando, Florida, serves as North Florida Region BBYO’s female president. “We made AZA, BBG, and BBYO history today,” she said.

Thursday morning brought business to the tables. The Executive body passed all of the motions that were presented. Now, BBYO UK and Ireland are officially recognized as one and the International Order will be recognizing Yom Hashoah in an international emphasis to preserve the legacy of Holocaust survivors. There is now a voting clause to ensure more democratic elections and a sixth Movement priority - Jewish Enrichment. Gizborim (treasurers) will be added to the International Board and there will be redefinition of the International Board positions.


While the February Execs was going on, the first ever BBYO Connect Leadership Engagement Summit was taking place. It was led by Grand Aleph Moreh, Alex Finkelstein from BBYO Central Region West, International Morah, Emily Gorby from BBYO Keystone Mountain Region and the ILN committee for BBYO Connect. This summit served as a huge step for Alephs and B’nai B’rith Girls from all over the world in learning how to connect with the younger members of our order.

An additional component to February Execs this year was the Global Partner Summit. Coordinated by International Mazkirim (Secretary/Treasurer/Global Liasons) Michaela Brown (Northern Region East: North Virginia Council) and Nick Phillips (BBYO UK and Ireland) and Global Networking Committee Chair Jessie Gordon (Great Midwest Region BBYO), the summit let every global delegation discuss similarities and learn from each other, culminating in a song session with International Convention’s five song leaders.

The annual February Executives Conference, the BBYO Connect Leadership Engagement Summit and the Global Partner Summit gave the top leaders and future leaders of this Order a better understanding of how to continue to the success of BBYO.

Written by: Danielle Haft, BBYO Nassau-Suffolk Region, and Melissa Bosem, BBYO Gold Coast Region, IC Press Corps


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