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And the Boxes Arrive...

Posted on 02/11/2013 @ 03:09 PM

Alephs and BBGs,

We are on the edge of our seats, beyond ready for you all to arrive at the Gaylord and for IC to begin! We have been in DC since Saturday and have already done so much in preparation for AZA BBG IC 2013: boxes full of supplies have arrived, programs are complete, materials have been bought and the AZA BBG IC 2013 Team is putting the last touches on the schedule. International Delegates are settling into and exploring DC after visiting the monuments and being exposed to the high spirit of IC that is circulating around Operation Host City — and the Order.

IC is only three days away and we hope you are getting as excited as we are right now. When you arrive to the hotel on Wednesday, for Execs, or Thursday, for IC, expect to be blown away! The hotel is beautiful, the staff members are enthusiastic, we have awesome SWAG for you and the programming is outstanding and innovative. Get some rest tonight and tomorrow because AZA BBG IC 2013 is jam packed with inspiration and fun.

See you all so soon! Ryan and Hilit

Boxes have arrived

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2013 - 2014 International and Grand Board Candidates

Posted on 02/10/2013 @ 09:55 PM

Candidates for the 89th Grand Board of the Aleph Zadik Aleph

89th Grand Aleph Godol Candidates:

Grand Aleph Godol Candidate: Matthew Goldman

Grand Aleph Godol Candidate: Ethan Loftspring

Grand Aleph Godol Candidate: Sagee Moyal

Grand Aleph Godol Candidate: Brandon Myers

Grand Aleph Godol Candidate: Josh Roberts

Grand Aleph Godol Candidate: Gavri Schreiber

Grand Aleph Godol Candidate: Joseph Sitzmann

Grand Aleph Godol Candidate: Mika Stein

Grand Aleph S'gan Candidates:

Grand Aleph S'gan Candidate: Ryan Maxwell Dishell

Grand Aleph Moreh Candidates:

Grand Aleph Moreh Candidate: Jake Cook

Grand Aleph Moreh Candidate: Paul Felder

Grand Aleph Moreh Candidate: Kyle Nowak

Grand Aleph Mazkir Candidates:

Grand Aleph Mazkir Candidate: Cole Aaron Margol

Grand Aleph Mazkir Candidate: Daniel Jay Widawsky

Grand Aleph Shaliach Candidates:

Grand Aleph Shaliach Candidate: Jason Horowitz

Grand Aleph Shaliach Candidate: Gary Levine

Grand Aleph Shaliach Candidate: Ethan Phillip Steinberg

Candidates for the 69th International Board of the B'nai B'rith Girls

69th International N'siah Candidates:

International N'siah Candidate: Michaela Brown

International N'siah Candidate: Jenna Kress

International N'siah Candidate: Sierra Lash

International N'siah Candidate: Jaclyn Pavlofsky

International S'ganit Candidates:

International S'ganit Candidate: Maya Guthman

International Aym HaChaverot Candidates:

International Aym HaChaverot Candidate: Sari Misek

International Aym HaChaverot Candidate: Kate Reinertson

International Mazkirah Candidates:

International Mazkirah Candidate: Melissa Bosem

International Mazkirah Candidate: Sofie Jacobs

International Sh'licha Candidates:

International Sh'licha Candidate: Tracey Katz

International Sh'licha Candidate: Neta Milenkovic

International Sh'licha Candidate: Meira Snitman

International Sh'licha Candidate: Maddie Feinman

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The News from BBYO Insider

Posted on 01/30/2013 @ 09:55 PM

With much excitement, the AZA BBG IC Steering and Leadership Team are proud to announce our featured musical performers:


Watch the Trailer for All of Your Latest IC News!

The biggest moment of the BBYO Movement is upon us! BBYO's International Convention (IC) is the largest annual pluralistic gathering of Jewish teens striving to strengthen the Jewish future. With almost 2,000 Jewish individuals attending IC this year including BBYO teen leaders, alumni, advisors, professional staff and top Jewish philanthropists from 18 countries, AZA & BBG IC 2013 will be the largest and most exciting IC in BBYO's history of almost 90 years.

Watch the trailer for all of the exciting details and find out who will be joining you in DC!

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From the Roots We Dress to Impress

Posted on 01/17/2013 @ 06:26 PM

We hope that you have had the chance to read through the IC Spirit Guide, and we hope that it made you even more excited about how quickly IC is approaching. We are only 28 days away, and we are eager for February 14th to approach. At International Convention, the spirit is high. While we want to see you decked out in spirit at all times besides Shabbat, it is important to dress respectfully as we have many important stakeholders, guests, and news reporters constantly with us at Convention. Please use the following pictures as examples of what is appropriate to wear for each day of IC.

Your Grand and International Boards have modeled our different opportunities to dress for spirit throughout the weekend.

Thursday Night | Delegation Spirit Wear to show pride for your community! Take a look at your Grand Aleph Mazkir, Nick Phillips rocking his awesome BBYO UK shirt and check out your International Mazkirah, Michaela Brown, wearing her NRE spirit shirt at IC 2010 in Los Angeles!


Friday Night | Dress in respectful Shabbat attire. This includes button downs, collared shirts, slacks, and/or Khakis, an appropriate length dress, skirt, nice shirt, and/or nice pants. Check out your Grand Aleph Godol, Logan Miller, sporting a crisp white button-down, striped tie, and classy dress pants. Check out your International N’siah in her beautiful blue Shabbat dress. Oh look, and she’s wearing a nice white sweater that covers her shoulders!


Saturday | Rock some Israel pride attire! Look at your Grand Aleph Shaliach, Benji Fages, in Israel, wearing a sweet blue and white Israel shirt. Look at your International Sh’licha, Andie Djamal, wearing an IDF sweatshirt, a cool blue and white headband, and shoutin’ out, “AM YISRAEL CHAI” on her hand-made Israel speakerphone!


Sunday | From the Roots We Build -- time to show some chapter spirit. Go all out with your chapter colors, mascot, and attire! See your Grand Aleph Moreh, Alex Finkelstein, wearing a Dreidel AZA “I <3 Dreidel” shirt and holding a Dreidel AZA sign in the background. See your International Aym HaChaverot, Emily Gorby, in her hot pink Chana Leah BBG shirt and sparkling headwear.


Monday | Wear your favorite convention shirt as you depart IC! Take a look at your Grand Aleph S’gan, Ryan Ladd, reppin’ Lonestar in a Regional Convention T-Shirt! Take a look at your International S’ganit, Hilit Jacobson sporting her Convention “Every Day is Fraterday When You’re in the South” Frat Tank, and wearing other attire to boost the spirit.


We can’t wait to see you decked out in spirit wear at IC! 28 days!

Much love, Ryan and Hilit

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New Releases for the New Year!

Posted on 01/09/2013 @ 03:51 PM

AZA and BBG,

As IC quickly approaches, many exciting contests and informational packets have been released. See below for information about each competition.

On you can find the 2013 International Awards Packet and the official Awards Point Tracker to tally points for the Shield of David and Star of Deborah Awards. We want to see record Monsky, Albert and Bisgyer award recipients this year. Our goal is to celebrate as many chapter and individual achievements at IC as possible. Make sure all of your counterparts and the members of your chapter and council/region/community are aware of the packet and deadlines! All awards are due to by February 1, 2013!

AZA and BBG Storytelling and Oratory
Storytelling and Oratory are two of our oldest traditions in AZA and BBG. Our goal is to see every council, region, and community submit at least one piece for each competition. Oratory and Storytelling is a 1 page essay/story you write about one of the themes below. Submissions are due by February 1, 2013 to Winners will be printed in the Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA), the definitive source for American Jewish community news and opinion.

AZA Themes: Oratory: What does "brotherly love" look like in 2013 and how can it be made stronger? Storytelling: Your chapter goes on a hike and finds a briefcase with $1,000,000 inside, and a simple note that says "do what you want." What do you do with the money? BBG Themes: Oratory: Is Judaism a religion, race or culture? Can it be all three? Is it something entirely different? Storytelling: This one time at Convention...


IC Spirit Guide
The 2013 Spirit Guide for International Convention 2013 is posted at the top of the AZA BBG IC 2013 Facebook group. Please be sure that your entire delegation receives the information in the Spirit Guide, as it can serve as an early packing list guideline.

89/69 Election Guide
The 2013 International Elections Declaration Guide for the AZA and BBG leaders that are seeking a position on the 89th Grand Board of the Aleph Zadik Aleph and the 69th International Board of the B'nai B'rith Girls can be found on If you are interested in running, please read through the entirety of the packet before making any further decisions. The first deadline is January 10, 2013.

BBYO Connect Leadership Engagement Summit
We are excited to announce the first BBYO Connect Leadership Engagement Summit before International Convention. This 24-hour BBYO Connect Leadership Engagement Summit is all expenses paid (including fee for flight change, if necessary, up to $150) and will run side-by-side with February's International Executives Conference in Washington, D.C. This summit is open to all current sophomores and juniors that currently hold or plan be a leader for BBYO Connect in their chapters, councils or regions and are attending International Convention. From Wednesday, February 13th through Thursday, February 14th, Alephs and B'nai B'rith Girls that serve as chapter, council or regional BBYO Connect chairpersons will explore ways to further develop BBYO Connect and build skills to increase chapter involvement in BBYO Connect programming. Special emphasis will be on sharing strategies to achieve strong 8th grade recruitment and transitioning Jewish teens from middle school involvement to high school participation. Those interested should submit a paragraph of intent (including: name, chapter, council or region, current role in BBYO Connect, phone number, e-mail address and a statement as to why they are interested in attending/a summary of their involvement in BBYO Connect efforts to date) along with an advisor or staff approval to by Sunday, January 20th. Once teens are accepted by e-mail confirmation, teens will be directed to for registration.

We encourage you to read through and look at all of these outstanding opportunities. AZA BBG IC 2013 is almost a month away, and we could not be any more excited!

B’shalom, Ryan and Hilit

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IC Registration Reflection

Posted on 12/27/2012 @ 07:46 PM


As we welcome 2013, we reflect on this past year and remember all of the exciting and monumental events that took place. October 4th is one of those days that we both will never forget--a day that made AZA and BBG history: International Convention 2013 registration.

The week leading up to registration was filled with tweets, cover photos and profile pictures, all reflecting on past ICs, building up excitement for IC 2013 and, of course, October 4th. As the day rolled around, hundreds of teens sat by their computers, refreshing B-linked by the second, waiting for registration to open. Within minutes of opening, the website temporarily crashed, with so many members trying to put their name on the 'attending' list for AZA BBG IC 2013. Thankfully, dedicated staff members were stationed around the country, assisting all those who could not access the registration page. We appreciate your patience and determination to register! In only 5 hours, over 800 teens were signed up and, in less than 48 hours, we broke last year's IC attendance number-- a true success.

Since October 4th, over 1,300 Alephs and B'nai B'rith Girls have registered for IC 2013, with representation from hundreds of chapters, every council and region in the Order and numerous communities around the world. With this many members attending, AZA BBG IC 2013 will be one of the largest organized gatherings of Jewish people yet! But more importantly, though, this year's IC will be filled with the most passionate, innovative, and warm-hearted teen leaders in our Movement. Almost every single BBYO community has increased their participant numbers from previous years, truly signifying IC's theme, "From the Roots We Build".

We are only 49 days away from the convention, and we could not be an ounce more excited than we are today. We hope you have a happy and healthy New Year, and we cannot wait to see you in February!

B'ahavah, Hilit and Ryan

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IC Fly In

Posted on 12/19/2012 @ 09:35 PM


Shalom BBYO,

We just returned from a jam-packed two days in Washington D.C, at the Gaylord National Resort and Conference Center. We met with the IC Staff Planning Team and walked the hotel, envisioning the almost 2,000 Jewish teens that will be roaming the halls in February.

We arrived in D.C. on Sunday afternoon and headed over to the hotel. As we walked through the doors, we saw the beautiful hotel lobby decked out in holiday spirit. The hotel staff was extremely courteous and welcoming and led us to our elegant hotel rooms with incredible views of the Atrium.

After we dropped our bags off, we explored the area outside of the hotel and grabbed lunch at Ashton Kutcher’s restaurant, Ketchup. The location surrounding the hotel and National Harbor has a rich culture with unique art exhibits and shops.

We returned to the hotel in the afternoon and walked up and down the floors, taking pictures to give you all an #ICSneakPeek. A defining feature of the hotel is a large glass wall that allows you to see the beautiful National Harbor right from the lobby! In addition, the hotel was illuminated by colorful lights in the fountain, on the walls, and hanging from the ceiling. In the Atrium, we found shops, restaurants and a park – the incredible part is that you feel like you are outside the entire time. In fact, there are real birds in some trees in the hotel! We know this sounds like a lot, but there’s more… there was no way to see all of the hotel in one day.

The next morning, we woke up bright and early for IC planning meetings. We started with a run-through of the convention schedule from the pre-IC prep week through departure. Due to the large size of convention, we are able to do so many more exciting things and we have a ton of surprises in store for you. You won’t know what hit you when you check into the hotel! After going through the schedule, we took a short tour of the hotel to gain a better perspective of our programming space. Then, for the rest of our time in D.C., we sat with Rachel Meytin and Anita Blustein Bormaster, the programming staff team, to go over the IC program. We also discussed ways to strengthen IC, to create a convention unlike anything you’ve ever seen!

AZA BBG IC 2013 is only 56 days away and there is much to look forward to. We cannot begin to describe the luxury of the hotel, or the spirited feeling you will get as you walk through the main doors. However you picture IC right now, think bigger, think better. International Convention this year will surpass your every expectation. It will catch you off guard with its thrilling and innovative programs and you will leave feeling inspired and more connected to our Global Movement than ever before. We could not be more eager for each of you to join us in February at the Gaylord National Resort and Conference Center for AZA BBG IC 2013. Continue to stay informed by reading this blog every week and stay connected on Twitter: @AZABBGIC2013, FB: AZA BBG IC 2013, and Instagram: #AZABBGIC2013.

-Ryan and Hilit

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IC Registration Opening on Oct 4

Posted on 10/04/2012 @ 04:20 PM

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