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Interview with an International Teen: Cian Milofsky, Dublin, Ireland

Posted on 02/13/2013 @ 12:00 PM

BBYO Teen Sasha Bartol interviews International Teen Cian Milofsky from Dublin, Ireland:


Cian: If you were a chocolate bar what would you be and why?

Sasha: I would definitely be a Hersheys Cookies'n'Creme bar because they are unique and exciting, just like me! Also they're amazingly delicious which is definitely a plus.

Sasha: Is American high school everything you expected it to be?

Cian: It exceeded my expectations. The racial diversity seen in American high schools is unfathomable and incomprable to any other education system. I really enjoyed it.

Cian: How did you decide that you wanted to host an oversea's teen? Sasha: I have always been interested in globalization and think its one of the most amazing parts of BBYO. When the time came to start with Operation Host City I knew immediately that I wanted to volunteer to host; especially because I could host friends I made last year at IC.

Sasha: If you could be any fast food chain which would you be and why? Cian: I would be IHOP because pancakes are the bomb and the ultimate American experience.

Cian: What are you most excited for about IC? Sasha: I am definitely super excited to see my international friends! I'm also excited to perform with the IC band, and see the Timeflies/Hoodie Allen concert. Elections promise to be interesting and the fact that there are going to be over 2000 people there will make this the most amazing IC ever.

Sasha: How do you think IC 2013 will be different from IC 2012 Cian: I think it's going to be even more amazing because their are so many teens going this year, and I'm going into this convention knowing a lot more people then I did before last years. Shoutout to Abe Pollin AZA #2545!

We both couldn't be more excited! See you at AZA BBG IC 2013!

Follow the global conversation at AZA BBG IC 2013 on Twitter #BBYOGlobal


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