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Opening Ceremonies at AZA BBG IC 2013

Posted on 02/16/2013 @ 07:05 PM

“Hello BBYO, and welcome to Washington,” said President Barack Obama over a video projecting on two giant screens at Opening Ceremonies. With each delegation erupting in cheers, the video continued. He not only welcomed us, but he also motivated us to make change and truly enjoy the experience.

The President's welcome message was just one of the iconic moments of International Convention 2013 so far. From the moment each delegation walked in, they were greeted with a rumble of cheering from all corners of the room. BBYO Northern Region East Senior, Lauren Wakefield didn’t know what to expect from Opening Ceremonies but ended up having a blast.

“I didn’t really know what to expect from the Opening Ceremonies," said Wakefield. “As soon as I got there I realized it was amazing. It was just incredible to see people from all around the world. It was overwhelming in a good way!”

The IC Band played a variety of songs from “Little Talks” by Of Monsters and Men to “Some Nights” by Fun. each giving the ceremony an upbeat sound.

Cian Ben-Milofsky, a Sophomore from Ireland, jammed along with the band and really enjoyed Opening Ceremonies overall. He, like Wakefield, loved seeing all the people from around the world.

“My favorite part of Opening Ceremonies was seeing all the different countries and regions joining together and the ruach," said Ben-Milofsky.

Sasha Bartol, a Junior from Northern Region East, felt that the Opening Ceremonies really set a tone to the whole convention.

“The Opening Ceremonies were a great way to kick off the convention and set an exciting and upbeat mood. It was inspiring, fun and exciting. I had a great time," said Bartol.

Written by: Yosi Vogel, BBYO Northern Region East: DC Council, IC Press Corps


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