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Operation Host City Kicks Off AZA BBG IC 2013

Posted on 02/13/2013 @ 07:00 AM

Sofie Jacobs of Northern Region East: DC Council describes the Operation Host City experience throughout the days leading up to AZA BBG IC 2013:

It was said repeatedly. By the CEO of the JCC who lends BBYO “The J” every Monday night, by the mom whose kids had both graduated from BBYO and now spends her valuable time as DC Council’s Chair: BBYO is not a Jewish youth group. It is a global Jewish youth movement.

During the ceremony that officially welcomed the global teens to DC, it was easy to see all BBYO had created, and the international community we have truly made. There were thunderous cheers when teens from Serbia, Israel, Masadonia, Albania and fourteen other countries were introduced. One AZA chapter cheered extra loudly for a boy from Masadonia who had joined their meeting.

Afterwards, the JCCGW was peppered with accents and languages from countries across the world. The sounds stood out against the bland walls I have seen every Monday night for the past three years. yet the accents and languages blended into the American teens’ dialect as teens talked. They bonded over a shared passion for BBYO Stand UP, Israel, sisterhood and brotherhood and being a part of BBYO, no matter where they were from.

Sure, it was inspiring to see teens from all over the world bond over this thing we all cared so much about. It gave me hope for the Jewish future, but mostly it was just cool. It was SO cool. I recognized a girl from Britain who I’d planned a program with and a boy from Ireland who helped me facilitate the Bulgaria-UK chapter partnership. The best part was meeting them in person.

IC is going to be so incredible this year because we’ll be meeting the teens we’ve worked with all year. The technology and social media we utilize today makes us a more global society in general and IC will be the opportunity to strengthen those relationships in person, to meet our overseas friends, to realize how we’ve become a global Jewish youth movement.

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