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Regional Spirit at AZA BBG IC 2013

Posted on 02/17/2013 @ 07:45 AM

Each year at IC, teens from across the world come together to represent their regions and show their pride. Regions spend weeks planning what they will be wearing and doing each day of IC. From aliens to apples, everyone competes to bring home the Anita Perlman Spirit Cup and Max F. Baer Spirit Gavel. Regions go above and beyond to present themselves as the most spirited to the International Order. We spoke to a few participants to get a closer insight on regional spirit.


1. What did your region do to prepare for IC spirit?
2. What was your favorite spirit day and what did your region wear?
3. How does your region express its own traditions to the international order?

Rocky Mountain Region (RMR):
RMR worked together, collaborating ideas for each day. People were able to suggest ideas and share what they wanted to see at IC from RMR. The region wanted to create a specific mindset in order to be the most spirited and keep the unity strong. Saturday was Israel day and RMR teens enjoyed sticking out with white and blue outfits, face paint and cow bells. The regional traditions that RMR expressed were The Wizard, a regional cheer and being the only region to call its chapters by their numbers.

Gold Coast Region (GCR):
To prepare for spirit days, GCR had four spirit meetings prior to arriving at International Convention. They created three committees (clothing, cute, and cheer) and worked together to decide what special attire they would be wearing on each specific day. A regional favorite was Day 1 when they all wore matching green neon shirts with aliens on them as well as alien headgear. One tradition their region brought to the International Order was the chanting of their regional cheer, “MITCH!”

Northern Region East: DC Council (NRE: DC):
NRE: DC made spirit packs with regional gear to create a sense of unity. On their Facebook group, participants exchanged Snapchat names to get to know each other in a fun and unique way before the IC. Their favorite day was Day 1 where they showed of their cute tank tops and regional swag along with matching fanny packs. Most members love that IC is being held in Washington, DC and are happy to welcome everyone to their hometown.

Big Apple Region (BAR):
BAR had several spirit meetings to work together to prepare creative spirits for each day. There was a Spirit Committee comprised of one representative from each BBG chapter to help the Reginal N’siah add to the ideas and carry them out. The first day was a Big Apple favorite for spirit. Members showed off their BAR pride through red attire, face paint, necklaces, signs, and nametag ribbons. The region is very excited to be at IC 2013 to support Logan Miller, Grand Aleph Godol, and to show our growth. Through orange hair extensions and bone clips, BBGs showed off their mascot Pebbles during Friday night Shabbat.

So far each region has been very outgoing and excited to show off what their region has brought to IC 2013. Stay tuned to see who will bring home the Spirit Cup and Gavel!

Interviewees: Kira Altman (RMR), Jordan Diccicco (GCR), Courtney Pories and Olivia Benzaquen (NRE: DC), Leah Koffler (BAR)

Written by: Micaela Negreann, BBYO Rocky Mountain Region, and Jolie Widawsky, BBYO Big Apple Region


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