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Commit to Israel

Read about BBYO teens experiences with Israel at home and in the Jewish homeland.

ILSI - Teens' Thoughts from Jerusalem

Friday, July 18 - "Being in Israel during such a crucial time in the nation's history has made this trip unforgettable. I have never felt so connected to the Jewish people or to our homeland. I am eternally grateful to BBYO for providing me with this incredible experience and to those who support and protect the state of Israel."- Kyle Price, Westchester Region. Read more!


Our Journey in Israel - from Solemn Remembrance to Joyful Celebration

During the past two days, the BBYO National Teen Delegation has gained a real understanding of Israel's culture, history and challenges. "The past two days served as a microcosm for the entire trip," Josh Freeman said. "Yesterday at the Yom Hazikaron ceremony, we experienced a sadness like no other, as the day serves as Israel's most somber day; and then today, we celebrated Israel's freedom in the most amazing way possible on Ben Yehudah Street. The past two days have shown me how important it is to have Israel as my homeland."


Beginning our Israel Journey: Masada, Dead Sea, and Tsfat

Sunday, May 4 - We have been through a lot the last few days and coming out of the darkness of the Holocaust in Poland to the Hope and Pride of Israel has been a real journey for all of us. It has been amazing how much we were able to accomplish in such a short time!


Bonding in Israel

Friday, May 2 - The BBYO National Teen Delegation continues to bond over shared experiences from Poland. In Israel, they are enjoying a celebration of vibrant Jewish life. Check out these photos of the teens hiking up Masada, floating in the Dead Sea and exploring the Tzfat artist colony!


From Poland to Israel

Wednesday, April 30 - After nearly a week in Poland, the BBYO National Teen Delegation is on its way to Israel! Before leaving for Israel, the teens spent the day in Warsaw. A highlight was helping to clean up the Jewish Cemetery of Warsaw - one of the very few to have survived World War II.


Our Day at Majdanek

Tuesday, April 29 - BBYO's National Teen Delegation spent a meaningful day in Majdanek, touring a chilling reminder of the Holocaust while reflecting about its toll.


Yom HaShoah - The Day We March

Monday, April 28 - It was a great moment of pride for our group to walk together representing America and Canada with our BBYO banner held high - the same walk that so many Jewish victims walked unknowingly to their deaths.


Reflections from the March of the Living

Monday, April 28 - "I don't think I've ever experienced so many unexplainable things over such a short period of time. We all know what we're seeing and understand what it means, but it has so much more significance than what I think any of us can fathom. But, I know that once we all grasp that, we'll really realize what an incredible trip this is."- Alyse Weinstein, Ohio


Reflections from Auschwitz

Sunday, April 27 - "There are no words to describe my experience in Auschwitz today. In any given instant, I mourned for the tragedy, gave thanks for the blessing that is the State of Israel, and simply gave in to an overflowing emotion I cannot name. I cried. I cried a lot." - Itai Almor, South Carolina


A Solemn Experience in Auschwitz

Sunday April 27 - The BBYO National Teen Delegation visited the site of the Plaszow concentration labor camp. After a ceremony at the restored Oswiecem Synagogue, the teens visited the grounds of Auschwitz and Birkenau.


Shabbat in Cracow

Saturday, April 26 - The BBYO National Teen Delegation arrived in Poland on Friday and experienced a magical Shabbat. Read all about their Shabbat in Cracow!


Reflections from Cracow

Saturday, April 26 - "I was walking through the streets of Krakow and helping BBYO's survivor, Trudy, walk with our group. She thanked me for helping her and said 'I'm grateful to have you all here as my guardian angels.' It was so sweet and so amazing but I told her that she is our guardian angel. We are so lucky to have her here; Trudy is honestly an incredible person! I love her so much already and can't wait to continue this journey with her." - Molly Kazan, Wisconsin


BBYO Delegates Have Arrived in Poland

Friday, April 25 - We are happy to announce that all of our delegations have arrived safely in Poland!


BBYO Teens Heading to March of the Living

Thursday, April 24 - More than 130 teens making up BBYO's National Teen Delegation to the March of the Living are on their way to Poland this evening. The teens have high expectations for their upcoming journey. “I’ve known people who have gone on March of the Living in the past, and have heard it is really a life-changing experience," Danny Rosenberg, a senior from Kansas City, Missouri, said. "I can’t wait to share my own experience with my friends and family once I get back!"


My Jewish Life

When I was young I found out that my grandmother was Jewish, but I didn't know how to be Jewish. My parents do not practice Judaism. When I was little I started to notice symbols that were Jewish like the hamsa, Star of David, and menorah. I was always asking questions about Judaism, but my mother did not know the answers.


I'm Finally Feeling Something Today

Today, we visited arguably the two most emotionally and physically draining sites in all of Israel, covering everything from the horrific events of the Holocaust to the heroic tales of Michael Levin... Shadowing the day in a somber mist.


BBYO B'Yachad 2013

Yesterday evening, over 350 teens on BBYO Passport experiences in Israel convened to celebrate their being together in the Jewish Homeland this summer. True to form, the event drew together an international community of Jewish teens from the USA, Canada, Europe and Latin America. Our ILSI participants, Ryan Dishell and Maya Guthman, gave the following speech at the event, and we wanted to share it with everyone who wasn't there.


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