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August Execs 2013: AZA BBG For Every Jewish Teen

Posted on 08/18/2013 @ 12:45 PM

When BBYO’s Chief Executive Officer, Matthew Grossman took the podium Thursday night to address the AZA BBG International Executives Body, he said it best, “BBYO has thrived for 89 years, but this August meeting – the Executives Body – has only been experienced 89 times.” It’s a special occasion when the elected representatives of BBYO’s global network of Jewish teens are able to gather together to learn, grow, challenge and plan for the future together. And, that’s just what we did.

This weekend we evaluated our plans, affirmed our goals and worked through strategies on how we’d collectively and individually achieve them. We learned more about how our Movement Priorities give our Order purpose and if leveraged could bring depth and meaning to the regular programming that we offer on a weekly and monthly basis. While we learned from top-notch educators, we also learned from one another, as we compared our communities and absorbed all that we could about what was working in one place so we could replicate it in all places.

The weekend culminated with a huge launch party for AZA BBG International Convention 2014 hosted by BBYO Lonestar Region and BBYO North Texas Oklahoma Region in Dallas, Texas in February. This is our Movement’s largest annual moment, and the next time the AZA BBG International Executive Body will be able to meet in person. The theme of the year was also revealed: ‘Welcome Home’, further conveying that regardless as to whether it’s at a chapter meeting, at International Convention, at a sports tournament, at a summer experience or in Israel, where AZA and BBG are, we’re building community for Jewish teens anywhere and everywhere – we’re providing a them a home.

Thanks for staying with us throughout the weekend and look for more news from the AZA BBG International Executives Body in the coming weeks. We look forward to seeing y’all in Texas!

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