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I See a Future with ISF

Posted on 05/30/2013 @ 02:00 PM

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At BBYO Eastern Region’s Regional Convention in December 2011, two hundred attendees gathered into one room and Skyped with a girl in BBYO Bulgaria. It was around 7:00 at night for us and almost 2:00 in the morning for her. I remember thinking about how much passion she must have had to be up at 2:00 a.m. just so that these Alephs and BBGs in America whom she barely knew could ask her a few questions about life as a Jewish teen in Bulgaria. One Aleph asked her about the international events that she's attended and then followed up with a comment about how it must have been so expensive considering the overseas flight that she had to pay for in addition to the actual event. She answered by telling him about how the International Service Fund (ISF) played a large role in helping her get here and she was very thankful for it.

After the convention was over, I started looking more into ISF. This fund that we all raise money for during the year has given so many teens beyond North America the opportunity to be a part of our movement. Since then, I've become extremely passionate about not only fundraising for ISF, but also educating members about it. The thought that we have the ability to strengthen Jewish communities all over the world drives me to advocate for our globalization efforts as much as I can.

ISF isn’t something that only teens living outside of North America benefit from - it’s something that is changing our entire movement. We are the ONLY international, pluralistic Jewish youth movement. ISF plays a large role in making that happen, which is why it’s so important for us to work hard towards strengthening this fund!

Being a member of the Global Fundraising Committee (GFC) this past year has helped me in my ISF advocacy efforts. Every time that I hear about a region that has passed their ISF goal, I get excited because they’re making more of a difference in our order than they know. They’re showing their passion for globalizing our movement and it’s most definitely paying off!!

This year, we had almost 70 delegates attend International Convention from outside North America. I can’t wait until we have 700.

Roni Rose- BBYO Eastern Region: North Carolina Council

Interested in fundraising for ISF? Click here to learn about some great fundraising ideas or talk to your chapter or council/regional Mazkir or Gizbor, the international Mazkirim or Joey Eisman,

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