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2012 in Review

Last February, as we stood before almost 900 of our peers, we committed ourselves to devoting the next year of our lives to working for the Jewish people and building a strong Jewish future.


Chapter Visits in New England Region

After spending the holidays at home and enjoying a very sweet new year with my family, I was more than ready to get on the road again and visit more regions and chapters.


Top Ten Favorite Moments from my NER visit (in no particular order):

6. 20% tip?
5. The instagram food incident
4. Playing psychiatrist with Lindsay’s family
3.Candy apples!
2. Inspirational quotes in the N’siah files
1. Meeting all of the really nice Alephs and BBGs of NER...


Interview with a Member:Julie Harlam, LeOlum BBG #2457!

Every visit, I will be featuring some of the members I meet in that region, and will be asking them to answer various questions! From Cotton States, check out Julie Harlam from LeOlum BBG #2457!


Chapter Visits in Cotton States Region

From Houston, I headed to the great Cotton States Region for an awesome week in Nashville and Memphis, and to attend the Circle of Life Kallah. In Nashville, I went straight from the airport to the JCC to participate in interviewing the new Nashville JCC/BBYO staff person.


Interview with a Member: Carly Nahon, River City BBG #2054

Every visit, I will be featuring some of the members I meet in that region, and will be asking them to answer various questions! From Cotton States, check out Carly Nahon from River City BBG #2054!!


Top Ten Favorite Moments from my Cotton States visit (in no particular order):

10. Staying up until 5:32 am with Arianne Schaffer
9. Hanging out with Becka Handler all day every day
8. Joe Bloomston’s song “He is Not Proud”
7. Bonding with N’siah Ariel Yazdian
6. When Kevin threw fries at my head
5. Filming the Operation 600 video


South Jersey Region Visit October 2012

During the weekend of September 28th to 30th I got to visit SJR for their RLTI convention. The weekend was full of some great programs and I was so happy to spend some time with the Alephs and BBGs of South Jersey weekend.


Central Region West Visit (August 30th-September 9th)

My last night on the west coast was one well spent. CRW had their 2012-2013 kickoff at the Tech Museum in San Jose. Nearly 500 teens came down! It was insane helping with admission as the line to get in just seemed to keep growing.


Atlanta Council Visit (August 21st-26th 2012)

I was so excited for my first visit of the year in Atlanta and got lucky with a row to my self on the flight from Washington D.C to Atlanta. I got to meet with some great people and see every AZA chapter. Here is a little taste of what my trip looked like:


Interview with a Member: Sophie Daily, Tikvah BBG #2473

Every visit, I will be featuring some of the members I meet in that region, and will be asking them to answer various questions! From Lonestar, check out Sophie Daily from Tikvah BBG #2473!


First Visits after August Execs

After an amazing weekend at August Execs, it was finally time to head off on my first visit of the year, to the one and only Lonestar Region. With much apprehension and even more excitement, I arrived in Austin, Texas to be greeted by Grand Aleph


Top Ten Favorite Moments from my Lonestar visit (in no particular order):

10. Walking through downtown Austin with Ryan and Micah and seeing beautiful sights
9. Talking about globalization at LTI
8. Eating yummy gelato with CLTC 7
7. Cuddling with Norm (my crescent monkey) and Lauren
6. Cafe Express... again.
5. Celebrating Shabbat with the regional board at Gillian’s (even though I was allergic to her dog!)


What's Next for AZA and BBG?

The conclusion of AZA BBG August Execs 2012 means that the programming year is about to begin!

What can you look forward to?


AZA and BBG Business at August Execs

The Executive Body at AZA BBG Execs 2012 came together to discuss, debate and decide on a number of business items. Read on to see what passed, and what didn't!


Lessons in Leadership at August Execs

On Saturday night we were joined by Officers of BBYO's Board of Directors: Chairwoman Estee Portnoy, Walter Solomon, Marc Saperstein, Stacy Schusterman, Rachel Gebaide, Howard Wohl, Rob Ruby, and BBYO's Executive Director, Matt Grossman.


Tweets for Israel

Before we began our Shabbat programming on Friday evening we were led by our Grand Shaliach Benji Fages and International Sh'licha Andie Djamal for a program about Israel and the different ways that we could individually and collectively support Israel.


A Shabbat Experience at August Execs

On Friday evening we worked to together to plan and develop different Shabbat programs to meet the needs and interests of the entire Execs body. It was very important for our community to try new things, whether that meant prayers in a different style, sung with a new tune, or sitting in separate seating.


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