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Keep PACE this Year with Sam and Amanda

Make sure to stay up to date with your 90th Grand Aleph Godol and 70th International N’siah! You can also follow their adventures on Instagram and Twitter (here’s Sam’s handle, and here’s Amanda’s)!

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Posted on 09/10/2014 @ 01:28 PM

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New Heading

By Jeremy Sherman on 09/01/2011 @ 02:21 PM

Check out our sweet Shabbat Shalom personal message coming directly to you from the Holy Land:


Life is Good on the West Coast

Posted on 05/20/2011 @ 04:41 PM

by Arielle Braude

Hey Friends!

Since I’ve last written, I have traveled up and down the West Coast, and let me tell you, it is beautiful! Everything is just golden when you wake up and can see the beach from your window, you know? Here are some highlights from the last two weeks!

My journey began in the Pacific Coast Region, where I had the opportunity to meet many of its awesome chapters! During my time there, I got to meet D’vash BBG board members before going to the JCC for a convention-prep meeting! PCR’s spring convention is called Lights, Camera, Convention!

The next day, we headed to Orange County to meet with some great girls from L’chaim BBG over cupcakes! Then, I went to Chaverot Tovot BBG’s chapter meeting – these girls rock! I also got to attend Beth Shean’s chapter meeting, where they had made me welcome signs and a card! It was so sweet of them!

Overall, my time in PCR was delightful and I am so happy that I got to meet so many of the members throughout the region!

On Thursday, I roadtripped down to San Diego to meet with the awesome and highly witty members of Southwestern Region BBG! After a delicious Mexican lunch with their rocking Regional N’siah, Mirit Friedman, the rest of their region arrived! During their meeting, they worked on programming for their next event and convention preparations! I really loved meeting SWR BBG! Make sure to meet Miss Kelilah Federman at ILTC and Kallah this summer!

After my visit in San Diego, I flew out to the chillest region in the Order, Evergreen Region! On Friday, Miss Veronica Stanley-Katz, EGR’s Regional Gizborit picked me up from the airport and we explored Portland a bit while running some pre-convention errands! From Portland, we got on a bus and headed to convention at the famous BB Camp! Convention was absolutely awesome. Bette Amir-Brownstein, EGR’s N’siah gave her states, seniors gave life, there were some really stellar programs, EGR voted on its Stand Up! cause for the upcoming year, and members elected their new Regional Board! I got to see so many of my CLTC participants and even got feathers in my hair courtesy of the girls in Malachim BBG! I got to meet and talk to so many of EGR’s outstanding members, like my new friends Mia Chasan and Jessica Markowitz! :) After convention, I went home to Seattle with Lauren Roth, Regional MIT Mom. On Monday, we explored Seattle, and my oh my what a beautiful city it is! We ventured over to the Pike Place Market and the Seattle Science fair for a culinary and cultural journey. Monday night, I went to a Seattle city meeting! At convention, a motion was passed to have weekly city-wide co-ed meetings and I got to attend the first one! It was led by Seattle’s 5 chapter presidents and was pretty great! Tuesday morning I took a train from Seattle to Portland, and attended Portland BBG #313 and Herzl BBG chapter meetings! I also got to meet with upcoming and current leaders in the city before and after meetings. Overall, my visit in Evergreen was magical – they really are such a proud, funny, and fun region. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to visit!

Wednesday morning, I flew to Central Region West! As soon as I arrived at the San Francisco airport, I couldn’t contain my excitement – this is the place where BBG really began!!! Wednesday afternoon, I attended a Southwest and Pacific Coast hub meeting. After the meeting, CRW’s wonderful Regional N’siah, Nirit Revzin, picked me up and we went to dinner with CRW’s awesome, very very funny, and sassy Regional board. The next day, I attended a FAN parlor meeting. On Friday, Nirit, Nicole Pavlovsky (Regional S’ganit), and I took a trip into San Francisco! We had quite the adventure, traveling from Haight-Ashbury to the Ghirardelli Chocolate Factory! The day was filled with lots of exploring and laughing. At night, we drove back to San Jose to go to an LHA/Oakland/Marwin Shabbat event, where I got to meet many of CRW’s stellar members! After the event, we drove back into the city to see San Francisco BBG #1 (how cool is that?!?!) and attend their Hide and Seek Overnight. Overall, my visit was so so fun and I am missing it already!

Summary of my visits on the West Coast: lots of driving through California, awesome people, laughter, doing lots of end-of-the-year work, and meeting with great chapters!

Now I am on my flight to AIPAC Policy Conference, where BBYO will be sending a delegation of over 40 members from across North America! President Obama will even be speaking tomorrow morning!

Additionally, spots have opened at ILTC and Kallah for girls – so if you are interested, you still have some time to sign up! (not much, but some!) If you have questions, let me know at!

Have a groovy day and an awesome start to your week!



Spring Update!

Posted on 05/10/2011 @ 05:09 PM

Hey Keeping PACE followers!

Hope you’ve been having wonderful days filled with wonderful programs, excitement for summer 2012, and sunny days!

So sorry I’ve been missing from the blogworld lately! My blogger skills must improve! Right now I am on a flight to Los Angeles, in the land of the Pacific Coast Region! I am so excited to hop off the plane at LAX with my dream and my cardigan! (hehe). Bobby Dishell, your Grand Aleph Shaliach, will be picking me up from the airport! Woo!

So basically, the last couple of months have been totally awesome. Here’s a recap:

JANUARY was filled with flying home for my sister’s birthday celebrations (hey Candace! ), then going South to the saucy Southern Region – Atlanta Council! While in the A-T-L, Carley Beth Gaynes, your International S’ganit, and I did some major preparations for IC! I also spent time with Atlanta’s great new council board and got to meet so many great people! Hey hey Hilit and Elli! We’re privileged to have International Convention 2012 in Atlanta next year!! They rock!

From Atlanta, I flew to Louisville, Kentucky and got to meet JAY LEVINE BBG! Let me tell you – these girls ROCK! Complete with spooey and a dance party, my meeting with Jay Levine was so much fun. Their chapter is super strong and I am so happy I got to meet them! Sarah Ensign and Hayley Grossman should be so proud!  From Louisville, I drove to Dayton for KIO’s new and wonderful board’s Regional Execs Weekend, complete with bowling and multiple trips to Graeter’s (hello most wonderful ice cream in the world!) After regional execs, I traveled on over to Cincinnati and then Columbus for chapter meetings. In Columbus, I braved the elements with Miss Sam Budin, complete with sushi, an ice storm, and an adventure in the snow!

FEBRUARY was International Convention Crazy! Once I arrived home from KIO, I went into IC and Feb Execs prep mode. (February Executives Conference is a meeting held with all of the regional and council presidents, Global Ambassadors, International Chairs, and PR Team the day before IC!) A week before IC, I headed over to LA! Basically, IC was AWESOME! For those of you that were there, thanks for coming! With over 700 participants from across the GLOBE, IC 2011 was the best I’ve ever been to! We had a super fun Opening Ceremonies (Bono was there!), outstanding Day of Service, a great Shabbat, International States, International Elections, a Rally for Inclusion, and more! Congratulations to the super spunky and spirited B’nai B’rith Girls of Cotton States Region for winning the Spirit Cup!

After sleeping for around 24 hours straight after IC, I headed over to Nassau Suffolk Region – the largest BBG region in the Order! Not only does NSR have lots of members, but NSR BBG’s are just the bee’s knees. In NSR, I stayed with Natalie Birnbaum, their outstanding N’siah, and got to explore Long Island! After dinner with NSR’s regional board, I attended NSR’s AIT/MIT Overnight! The next day, I met with the wonderful girls of Port Washington BBG, NSR’s new BBG Chapter! The girls were having their very first elections!! Lindsey Block is N’siah and she will be attending CLTC this summer – I hope you are too!

MARCH was filled with Midwest travelin’, work, and fun! I began my travels by attending East Coast Kallah! ECK had participants from BAR, Westchester, NRE-DC, NRE-NoVA, NRE-Baltimore, Philly, ER-NCC, ER-VAC, KMR, and the best of the best SJR! During ECK, I went to the most powerful program I have ever been to in my BBG career. It was an elective led by the National Coalition for the Homeless. It was seriously the most inspiring and meaningful program I have ever been to. At ECK, I got to show some chapter spirit and also see all of my CLTC 2 participants!

After ECK, I headed home with Sam Levinson, your International Sh’licha, to rest before flying to Michigan Region! In Michigan, I stayed with their stellar N’siah, Claire Sinai! During My visit, I got to meet with lots of wonderful chapters and to attend their Youth Leadership Conclave, coordinated by Brianna Dines and Jason Markowitz! Bri has started a new chapter this year – Aliyah BBG, and is an absolute superstar! YLC takes place at Michigan’s Bittker center – this awesome convention center that the region owns! I also got to go to a multi-chapter program at a skating rink! It was also so great to see my CLTC kids, Eliana Ungar, Alyssa Stone, Sam Gringlas, and Austin Goodman!

From Michigan, I flew to the Great Midwest Region! Basically, GMR has some of the most spirited and knowledgable B’nai B’rith Girls in the Order! I don’t know if you’ve heard, but GMR rocks. During the next couple of days I stayed with GMR’s lovely N’siah, Jenna Epstein, and I met with multiple chapters and had dinner with the regional board! I also had by far one of the coolest experiences of my year – I met Ted Perlman, ANITA PERLMAN’S SON! That’s right – the founder of the B’nai B’rith Girls. I loved hearing all about his awesome mom and about him as well! Overall, I got to meet so many wonderful people during my visit and even got a copy of the Chartreuse Book and Guide to being a Board Member by Sam Hokin! (Look Ben Gitles – I updated my blog! ) Fun Fact: GMR doubled their summer EXPERIENCES registration number this year!

From GMR, I flew to North Star Region! Over the past couple of years, North Star has gone through lots of changes but are on their path to becoming a powerhouse region! North Star has some of the coolest members in the Order – all of you should meet them! During my visit, I spent lots of time with their wonderful N’siah, Kenzie Litt, and made plans for the future of North Star! I had Shabbat dinner with all of the Alephs in the region and then a really fun sleepover with the North Star B’nai B’rith Girls! The next day, I attended an event North Star had at Pump It Up – if you haven’t been there, you should go! During my visit, I even got to visit the Mall of America (including the American Girl Doll Store!!!!). In short, my visit was great and I’m so excited for all of North Star’s members going on summer programs this summer!

APRIL began with a visit to the great state of Texas in Lonestar Region! To kick off my visit, I went to really great Shabbat services with Marissa Finkelman, Lonestar’s wonderful N’siah, followed by a multi-chapter program! The next day, we explored Houston a bit and even went to an outdoor concert with Kings of Leon! That night, I went to a sisterhood program with all of the chapters in Houston. During the rest of my visit, I attended Houston’s J-Serve (which was awesome!), a regional board meeting, a Meeting with all of the N’siot/Godolim, S’ganim, and Morim in Houston, and then met with Tikvah BBG!

From Houston, I flew to Mountain Region!! Once I landed in Phoenix, I was greeted by Mountain’s incredible N’siah, Ali Berney Klein! The next day, we traveled to Prescott for Spring Conclave 64! My visit in Mountain was by far one of my favorite this year – make sure to meet all of the kids from Mountain on summer programs this year – they are awesome! At Conclave, I ran a program about Brotherhood and Sisterhood to open the convention. The weekend was pretty wonderful – complete with a surprising snow shower! I absolutely loved being in Mountain and being at Convention – MR is really spirited and has so much regional pride. Congratulations to Mountain’s new Regional N’siah, Miss Emma Paikowsky, and both of the new Regional Boards!

From Mountain, I flew to Cleveland, Ohio for BBYO’s Board of Directors Meetings! While it was sad to be at my last BOD meetings, they went really excellently! Additionally, I got to meet with ONR’s new regional boards and to stay with Marni Young, their awesome N’siah!

After Cleveland, I visited Tulsa, Oklahoma for Tulsa BBYO’s New Member Overnight! I stayed with Lydia Lapidus, the BBG chapter in Tulsa’s N’siah, who also went to my CLTC!  I loved meeting all of the members in Tulsa and seeing Elissa Foust, who also went to my CLTC and is chapter S’ganit! During my visit, I also got to explore Tulsa for a bit! I just love traveling to the South – it is so warm and friendly!

Then, I had a really new and exciting visit in Westchester Region!! Westchester is a new region this year in Westchester, New York! While the region has just started, they already have so many fun and spirited members! I attended Westchester’s Stand Up! overnight (really an Up-All-Night). The overnight was so fun – it was planned by a programming committee of the most committed members so far, and was really great! It was innovative and fun – and even included programs at the pool, they had a blacklight dance, and fun icebreakers! During the event, I had the opportunity to run a really cool program on Stand Up! and the honor of inducting the first B’nai B’rith Girls into Westchester Region! The B’nai B’rith Girls of Westchester should be so proud of themselves – they are the founders of the region! I can’t wait to hear about all of the awesome things they do in the future!

This past week, I made some chapter visits in Central Region East! On Tuesday, I drove to Allentown, PA to first have dinner with their chapter board and then go to their meetings! It was so great to see their awesome N’siah, Emily Hunker, and meet all of the members in the chapter! During the meeting, I got to hear about all of the awesome things A-town BBG is doing and lots of silly stories. Allentown has lots of dedicated and inspirational members, including Miss Jessica Baar. The next day, I drove to Wilmington, DE to have dinner with their chapter board and then went to their chapter meetings! Wilmington BBG is so much fun to be around and has a great new chapter board! Their N’siah, Miss Ally Leviton is so wonderful! Wilmington BBG knows how to have fun (Hi Rachel Bloom!) and I’m so happy that I got the chance to meet them.

That’s all for now, but I’ll surely update you on my West Coast travels as they are happening! In the next couple of weeks, I will be going from PCR to EGR, CRW, AIPAC, Transition Meetings, and ending my term in KMR!

Have a groovy day!



"And...We're Back!!"

By Jeremy Sherman on 04/05/2011 @ 04:00 PM


“And… We’re Back!”

Keeping Pace Entry 4/5/2011

Hey all you Keeping PACE readers! It’s been a while since we last wrote on our Keeping PACE blog, but now we’re back with more exciting stories than ever before. Read on…


  • Rocky Mountain Region – I had a great time during my visit to RMR back in during their Regional Board Training Weekend. I got to spend some time with RMR’s new Regional Board and help them plan out the beginning of their year. Shout-outs to Ben Sanders (who’s going to ILTC!), Gaba Sanders and Adam Zall (who’re going to CLTC!), and Jeremy Singer.
  • Mid-America Omaha Council – Good ‘ol Midwest! I loved my visit in Omaha Council, or as they like to call it Cornbelt Council. It was really special being in the birthplace of AZA. I saw some really cool BBYO artifacts and landmarks, and visited Sam Beber’s grave. Shout-outs to Ryan Kirshenbaum, Megan Bucher, and Brad Cutler!
  • North Florida Region – I attended NFR’s MIT/AIT LTI Convention during my visit and had a really awesome time. Shout-out to Marshall Finkelstein for planning a really awesome inductions and separates on Saturday night, it was truly inspirational. More shout-outs to Andrew Greenberg and Alana Ben-Zeev, the new Godol & N’siah of NFR!

Click here to see some pictures from January


February was all about Feb Execs and IC, and what a month it was! Feb Execs and IC were two incredible events. From a fake Bono, to a meaningful Day of Service in LA, back to a very special and relaxing Shabbat, International Convention 2011 was one I’ll never forget. Thank you to everyone who attended!

Click here to see some pictures from IC and Feb Execs


  • Big Apple Region – I attended BAR’s MIT/AIT Overnight and had a really awesome time getting to know the upcoming leaders of this great region. It was only my second time in NYC, and I had so much from. I spent a bunch of time in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens… and ate way too much pizza. Shout-outs to Reid Packer, Logan Miller, Sharon Kahn, and Jared Fertig. Thanks for a great time guys!
  • GJHRR – I had a short visit in GJHRR, but it was definitely a fun two days! From making guacamole with Ross, to meeting with some important chapter leaders, back to a fun bus ride to Washington DC, my GJHRR visit was a memorable one. Shout-outs to Ross Aroyo, Nate Kasmanoff, Jake Freedman (congrats on Godol), and Josh Freeman!
  • ECK & DC Council – GUSTER, Bulgaria, and Argentina… that’s all I have to say. Pictures can speak for themselves!
  • Mid-America St Louis – What a visit I had in St Louis! From meeting with a bunch of chapters and community leaders, to meeting Adam Richman from Man Vs. Food, back to spending some time at my future home of Washington University, my stay in St Louis was truly incredible. Believe it or not, we met Adam Richman and he remembered his chapter in BAR, the words to Up You Men, and was very eager to talk with us. Check out the pics.
  • Central Region West (CR-Dub) - I had heard a lot about CRW before visiting, but I didn’t realize how awesome of a region CRW truly is until I visited. Extremely strong chapters, strong regional leadership, some really cool traditions, and really fun members. CRW’s Frat/Sis Convention was a blast! Shout-outs to all of Ramon AZA, Oz Fishman, Jason and Alex Finkelstein, Malcolm Lazarow, and Aaron Cahen. You guys made my CRW visit that much more special.
  • North Texas Oklahoma - I absolutely love NTO, what a great region! I had the most amazing time in Dallas during their LTI Convention. Solid programming, inspiring separates, loud cheering and singing, and lots of laughs… what more can you ask for? I’ll definitely miss everyone I met during my visit in NTO! Shout-outs to all of Regional Board (you guys are awesome), Matt Engelson and all of Brandeis, Mika Stein, Ben Sheppard, and of course Lorrie.

Click here to see some pictures from March


Now, I’m sitting in the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport waiting for my flight to Montreal to take off. It’s been delayed a few hours due to weather (thanks Northeast!)

Stay tuned for more “Presidential Adventures, Communications, and Events!”

Until next time,



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