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Atlanta Council Visit (August 21st-26th 2012)

Posted on 09/28/2012 @ 12:03 PM

Logan Miller, 88th International Grand Aleph Godol

I was so excited for my first visit of the year in Atlanta and got lucky with a row to my self on the flight from Washington D.C to Atlanta. I got to meet with some great people and see every AZA chapter. Here is a little taste of what my trip looked like:

Chapters I met with:

  • Kol Ram AZA - A new AZA chapter in Atlanta Council. Best of luck this year. They already have 20 teens at their programs!
  • Frank Fierman AZA - I hope the flyer we made together for your upcoming programs helped! Zelman AZA - Great job with freshman recruitment guys. Keep it up!
  • Palmach AZA & Hazakah AZA - Got to spend an evening with both chapter boards at a wing restuarant. Great spending time with all of you. Best of luck Adam Turry and Zach Fram.
  • Avitz AZA - Thank you for attacking Jake Gottlieb’s car after our meeting. Loved spending some quality time with the Avitz board in the parking lot of the MJCCA.

Who I met outside of BBYO:

  • Kelly Brown - a former BBG and BBYO Professional staff member, who currently works at the JCC. Kelly gave me some great advice for the year based on her experiences working with past international boards. Kelly also went to my high school so it was great to talk to a Queens native down in the south. Thanks Kelly for all the advice and best of luck with your new role at the MJCCA!
  • Greer Mendel (Marketing Director for the Jewish Family and Career Services) - Laura Fendrick and I got to meet with Greer to talk about blogging as well as various social media tactics to market AZA and BBG throughout the year. Thank you Greer for meeting with us!
  • Lisa Katz - (Community Impact Manager for the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta) Lisa gave me a taste for what the Jewish Federation aims to accomplish. Its basic goals are to care for those in need and ensure Jewish continuity. Thanks Lisa for meeting with me and giving me an idea of how Jewish federations across North America operate.
  • Janel Schwartz - (Chief Development Officer of the MJCCA) An alum of GJHRR and the writer of the BBG Prayer for Global Jewry. Janel gave me some fundraising tips and talked to me a little bit about her BBYO experience. Thanks Janel!
  • Howie Rosenberg - (Director of Teen Department at the MJCCA) With Howie, I was able to learn more about what his role with BBYO and the JCC will be this upcoming year as well as give him some more insight into the incredible things going on in AZA and BBG right now. Howie is a huge sports fan so it was great to talk some baseball with Howie at lunch. Thanks Howie!

Leadership Summit Shabbaton
With roughly 70 attendees, the Leadership Summit Shabbaton was lots of fun. I ran a program about leadership and got to hang out with the Alephs of Atlanta Council -- it was a great night. We woke up the next morning and continued with the convention, and I led a session for non-board members on how they could get more involved. One of the highlights for me was the business meeting in the evening. After several attempts in the past, a motion passed officially making Atlanta a spring council. It was a nice way to finish my visit in Atlanta. Congratulations to Elli Bock and Jake Gottlieb for planning a great weekend.

Thank you so much to Jake Gottlieb and the rest of the Gottlieb family for hosting me at your home all week.

Fraternally Submitted to Atlanta Council with undying love to Jonathan Schuster, Jake Gottlieb, Jake Cook, Gil Eplan-Frankel, David Bernstein, Ryan Padawer, the 64th BBG Council Board, Palmach AZA, Kol Ram AZA, Avitz AZA, Frank Fierman AZA, Hazakah AZA, Zelman AZA, Chloe Ramsey, Laura Fendrick, and the rest of Atlanta Council, I remain

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