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First Visits after August Execs

Posted on 09/24/2012 @ 12:03 PM

Sarah Minion, 68th International N'siah

After an amazing weekend at August Execs, it was finally time to head off on my first visit of the year, to the one and only Lonestar Region. With much apprehension and even more excitement, I arrived in Austin, Texas to be greeted by Grand Aleph S’gan/Regional Aleph Godol/my best friend Ryan Ladd and Regional Gizbor Micah Stalarow. I had never been welcomed off a flight by signs with my name all over them before, so that was definitely a great way to start my visit!

While in Austin, I attended the freshman intake program for Ra’naan BBG #2534 and Capital AZA #2548, which had a great turnout. The evening started with a barbecue, and transitioned into some fast-paced and intense relay races, which were then followed by separates programs. The guys played dodgeball, and the girls did a bonding program to get to know each other. The night concluded with a swim party, which was lots of fun. I especially loved getting to know the awesome girls of Ra’naan BBG, so I would like to thank you ladies for having me and congratulate you for having the biggest MIT class in your region!

I hopped on a plane with Ryan to head to Houston to join the rest of Lonestar’s 28th Regional Board for August Execs. We spent four days reviewing our movement’s priorities and setting goals for the rest of the term in Lonestar. I loved getting to spend so much time with the regional board -- getting down to business during the day, and then having so much fun bonding together every night at the BBG board sleepovers. I can't wait to see the board accomplish all of their goals this year, especially with new chair networks, better programming and sending over 50 teens to IC!

A definite highlight of the visit was the White Out Kickoff Dance, which had record-breaking attendance of over 300 teens!

I danced like a crazy person and got to meet the awesome people of Lonestar! Some other highlights of the visit include going to dinner with my CLTC 7 participants (shout-out to Sam Ennis, Annie Abramowitz, Erika Selzer, Lauren Herman, Mikayla Herman, Courtney Vecera, Sammy Bienenstock, Reed Fredericks, and Morgan Lerner!), attending LTI (where I ran sessions on Globalization and Recruitment, as well as met all of Houston BBYO’s chapter leaders), dining with the Chapter N’siot (shout-out to Abby Blachman of Henry Barnston BBG #318, Vanessa Ross of BBG #63, Sophie Daily of Tikvah BBG #2473, Mikayla Herman of William S. Malev BBG #1866, Gaby Aboulafia of Stephen S. Wise BBG #2040), working with the fabulous new Programming Director Gillian Richter and Houston Program Associate (and CLTC 7 chapter advisor) Marty Shankle, meeting with the super cool board of Tikvah BBG #2473 and the N’siot of Barnston BBG #318 and Wise BBG #2040, and of course staying up really late and bonding with Regional N’siah Lauren Charnov! All in all it was an amazing first visit and I couldn’t have asked for a better place to start my year of travels! Thanks so much Lonestar!

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